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Explore our commercial cleaning products – designed to perform at their best, every time you use them. Our high performance commercial range covers everything from carpet care to disaster restoration, janitorial and healthcare products.

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Carpet & Fabric Care
Disaster Restoration
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Stone & Tile Care
Concrete & Masonry Solutions
Natural Stone & Tile Care
Actichem Bust heavy duty protein stain remover
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Actichem Bust


Heavy duty protein and blood stain remover

SKU: AP496.05 / AP496.005S / AP496.005
Coffe & tannin stain remover
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Actichem CTR


Coffee & tannin stain remover

SKU: AP490.05 / AP490.005S / AP490.005
Paint, ink & grease spot remover for carpet & fabric & fabric cleaning
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Actichem PIG


Paint, ink & grease stain remover

SKU: AP484.05 / AP484.005S
Paint, oil & grease spot remover for carpet & fabric & fabric cleaning
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Actichem POG


Paint, oil & grease stain remover

SKU: AP482.05 / AP482.005S / AP482.005
"Volatile Dry Solvent" spot remover for carpet & fabric cleaning in 5lt jerrycan
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Actichem VDS


Volatile, dry solvent stain remover

SKU: AP480.05 / AP480.005S
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Actiflow Dispenser Kit


Actiflow Disdpenser Kit

Airfresh Spray 5Lt
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Airfresh Spray


Enzyme based odour control product for aerial spray

SKU: AP511.0075 / AP511.05
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Autoplus Super


Premium washing powder

SKU: AP835
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Bathroom Cleaner


Environmentally friendly bathroom cleaner

SKU: AP710.01C / AP710.05 / AP710.0075
Biosan II Hospital Grade Disinfectant
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Biosan II


Hospital grade disinfectant and micro-organism decontaminant

SKU: AP439.20 / AP439.05 / AP439.0075E
biosan ii ready to use hospital grade disinfectant in 5lt jerrycan
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Biosan II – Ready To Use


Ready to use, Hospital Grade Disinfectant and decontaminant

SKU: AP621.05 / AP621.075
Hospital Grade disinfectant wipes
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Biosan II Wipes


Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes

SKU: AP622.ctn / AP622
Brownaway browning remover
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Browning, coffee & tannin remover

SKU: AP494.05 / AP494.005S / AP494.005
chlorosan 5lt
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Thickened chlorine detergent and disinfectant.

SKU: AP720.15 / AP720.05
Citrus based stain remover
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Citrus Gel


Citrus Gel is a citrus based stain remover for carpets and upholstery.

SKU: AP486.05 / AP486.005
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Clean Force


Enzyme boosted carpet cleaning prespray

SKU: AP453
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Colloidal Boost


Cleaning booster additive

SKU: AP475.01 / AP475.05
Stain remover for carpets and upholstery
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Stain remover for carpets and upholstery

SKU: AP462.005 / AP462.05
5Lt Conquer O2 | Actichem
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Conquer O2


Encapsulating & oxidising stain remover for carpets and fabric

SKU: AP478.005 / AP478.05
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Creme Soap


Liquid hand & body soap.

SKU: AP340
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Premium multi-task deodoriser

SKU: AP430.05 / AP431 / AP432
deosan 5lt
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Anti-microbial odour eliminator

SKU: AP433.20 / AP433.05
Deostor Extreme 5Lt
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Deostor Extreme


Enzyme based odour control for extreme conditions

SKU: AP523.01 / AP523.05
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Deostor Fire


Enzyme based odour control for soot & smoke odours

SKU: AP521.01 / AP522.01 / AP521.05 / AP522.05
Deostor Organic 5Lt
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Deostor Organic


Enzyme based odour control product for organic waste

SKU: AP520.01O / AP520.05O
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Deostor Spray


Enzyme based odour control product for aerial spray

SKU: AP524.05 / AP524.005
Actichem Deozyme 5Lt
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Odour remover and enzyme digester

SKU: AP438.05 / AP438.0075
emulsifier plus 5lt
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Emulsifier Plus


Carpet cleaning extraction detergent

SKU: AP455.20 / AP455.05
Encapsulation upholstery cleaner
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Encap Fine Fabric


Encapsulation upholstery cleaner

SKU: AP464.05
Low moisture carpet cleaning detergent
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Encap Plus


Low moisture carpet cleaning detergent

SKU: AP460.20 / AP460.05
Low moisture carpet cleaning detergent
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Encap Pro


Low moisture carpet cleaning detergent

SKU: AP461.20 / AP461.05
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Extracta Pro


Carpet extraction detergent

SKU: AP457.45 / AP457.20
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Fabric Shield RTU


Fabric protector

SKU: AP472.05
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Fabric Shield SV


Upholstery protector

SKU: AP473.05
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Fibre Shield


Carpet protector

SKU: AP470.05
fire fix 5lt
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Fire Fix


Fire restoration cleaner for soft and delicate surfaces

SKU: DR986.20 / DR986.05
fire restore 5lt
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Fire Restore


Fire restoration cleaner for hard resilient surfaces

SKU: DR164.20 / DR164.05
foamex 5lt
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Defoamer for cleaning systems

SKU: AP435.05
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Foamex Powder


Defoamer for cleaning systems

SKU: AP436
Forest Fresh Responsibly Green
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Forest Fresh


Commercial grade disinfectant & cleaner

SKU: AP651.0075 / AP651.05 / AP651.15
grease off 5lt
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Grease Off


Oven & grill cleaner

SKU: AP250.15 / AP250.05
Gum and oil spot remover
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Gum Gone


Powerful aromatic solvent for oily spots

SKU: AP483.05 / AP483.005
70% alcohol hand sanitiser gel
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Hand Sani Gel


70% alcohol hand sanitiser gel

SKU: AP360.001 / AP360.005 / AP360.01 / AP360.05
Hand sani soap anti-bacterial hand soap in group photo showing 5Lt jerrycan and 500ml lotion pump pack
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Hand Sani Soap


Food safe antibacterial hand soap

SKU: AP343.005 / AP343.05
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Hand Sani Spray

Premium hand sanitiser spray

Hypo Enforcer 1Lt
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Hypo Enforcer


Mould remover chlorine additive

SKU: AP728.01
Spray buff for polished floors
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Instabuff Super


Polished floor cleaner and maintainer

SKU: AP412.05
instaglaze 5lt
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High solids floor polish

SKU: AP425.15 / AP425,05
instagloss 5lt
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High gloss floor sealer

SKU: AP422.15 / AP422.05
instaseal 5lt
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Floor sealer and base coat

SKU: AP420.15 / AP420.05
instastrip 5lt
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Total floor stripper

SKU: AP400.15 / AP400.05
500ml kwiksan spray bottle
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Hospital grade disinfectant — alcohol based

SKU: AP689.001 / AP689.005S / AP689.05
lavender pro 5lt
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Lavender Pro


Lavender fragranced prespray for carpet steam cleaning

SKU: AP449.20lt / AP449.05
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Leather Cleaner


Leather cleaning cream

SKU: AP488.05 / AP488.005
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Leather Conditioner


Leather conditioning cream

SKU: AP489.05 / AP489.005
Mould Exterminator 5Lt
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Mould Exterminator


Mould, mildew and mould stain remover

SKU: AP726.05 / AP726.075
Mould Remover Duo
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Mould Remover


Mould remover & sanitiser for washrooms

SKU: AP617.0075 / AP617.05
multisan 5lt
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Food safe spray & wipe cleaner

SKU: AP260.15 / AP260.05
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Neutral Detergent


Timber, tiles and other hard floors cleaner

SKU: AP667.01C / AP667.0075 / AP667.05
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Odourtak SV


Enzyme based odour control for thermal fogging

SKU: AP527.01 / AP527 - Citrus / AP528.01 / AP528 - Floral
Odourtak W 5Lt
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Odourtak W


Enzyme based odour control for thermal fogging

SKU: AP525.01 / AP525.05 / AP526.01 / AP526.05
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Orange Solvent


Citrus blend for gum & oily stain removal

SKU: AP128.05 / AP128.005
Oxygen booster additive for cleaning, destaining and deodorising
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Oxyboost Plus


Oxygenated additive for destaining, cleaning & deodorising

SKU: AP446.01 / AP446.045
Mould remover, destainer and micro-organism decontaminant
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Hospital-grade disinfectant - AUST L 332284

SKU: AP610.0075 / AP610.05 / AP610.20
Booster & Peroxide activator for Percide
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Percide Boost


Boosters & peroxide activators for Percide

SKU: AP611.05 / AP611.005 / AP611.0075
Super-strength prespray detergent for hot water extraction cleaning
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Performance Gold


The best carpet cleaning prespray money can buy

SKU: AP454.20 / AP454.05
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Performance Plus


The ultimate wool safe, multi-task prespray

SKU: AP452.20 / AP452.05
Hydrogen Peroxide 50%
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Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

SKU: AP869.05 / AP869.20
Flood & urine decontaminant and odour neutraliser
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Pet & Flood


Flood and urine decontaminant

SKU: AP491.05 / AP491.005
Prespray detergent for polypropylene carpets
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Polyprop Plus


Polypropylene carpet cleaning prespray

SKU: AP986.20 / AP986.05
Crème Cleanser for cleaning & polishing smooth surfaces
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Creme Cleanser

SKU: AP700.0075 / AP700.005 / AP700.05
Super-strength, low odour semi-permanent and solvent based coatings remover
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Floor stripper and coating remover

SKU: AP404.15 / AP404.05
Nano-technology neutral cleaner
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Pro Neutro


Nano-technology neutral cleaner

SKU: AP662.05 / AP662.15
Spot removal solution for removing protein based stains from carpet & upholstery
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Protein Spotter


Protein stain remover

SKU: AP495.05 / AP495.005S / AP495.005
Red stain remover for carpet & upholstery cleaning
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Red Fix


Red stain removal kit

SKU: AP499.005
Heavy duty degreasing cleaner
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Heavy duty degreaser

SKU: AP110.05 / AP110.15
Neutralising acid fibre rinse and cleaner for carpets and upholstery
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Rinse Pro


Carpet cleaning rinse

SKU: AP440.20 / AP440.05
Rust spot remover for carpet & fabric cleaning
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Rust Remover


Rust spot remover

SKU: AP492.05 / AP492.005
sanpro anti-bacterial hand soap in 5lt jerrycan
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Antibacterial hand soap

SKU: AP342
Responsibly Green Shower cleaner
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Shower Cleaner


Environmentally friendly shower cleaner

SKU: AP775.075 / RG775.01C / AP775.05
Hydrogen Peroxide powered urine stain remover
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Spotaway U


Urine stain and odour neutraliser

SKU: AP493.05 / AP493.005
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Spotting Kit

Actichem have released the long awaited Ultimate Spotting Kit. Encased in a premium, lockable case for utmost durability and convenience, [...]

SKU: AP900
Responsibly Green Spray & Wipe
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Spray & Wipe


Environmentally friendly spray & wipe

SKU: AP755.05 / AP755.01 / AP755.0075
Colour stain remover for carpet & upholstery cleaning
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Stain Fix


Colour stain removal kit

SKU: AP498.005 / AP498.05
Surface Clean HD 5Lt
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Surface Clean HD


Environmentally friendly floor cleaner and degreaser

SKU: AP705.05 / AP705.01 / AP705.0075
System 7 Hand Pad
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System 7


Floor maintenance cleaning pad

SKU: S7.Hand / S7.Disc.16
Actichem Thymox Botanical Disinfectant
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A powerful solution for all disinfection and cleaning needs, made with thymol, a botanically derived active ingredient that shines in [...]

SKU: AP605.075 / AP605.05 / AP605.20
Low-foam alkaline cleaner for natural stone and tiles. System 7 compatible
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Tile & Grout Cleaner LF


Low foam tile cleaner and degreaser

SKU: AP167.15 / AP167.05
Super-strength, ultra concentrated cleaner and degreaser
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Tile & Grout Power


Super strength hard floor cleaner & degreaser

SKU: AP163.15 / AP163.05
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Tile & Grout Restore


Acid cleaner for hard surfaces

SKU: AP160.15 / AP160.05
Responsibly Green Toilet bowl cleaner in 5lt
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Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Environmentally friendly toilet cleaner

SKU: AP735.075 / AP735.05
Prespray detergent for extraction cleaning of synthetic upholstery in 5lt
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Upholstery Plus


Upholstery cleaner

SKU: AP468.05
responsibly green window cleaner in 5lt jerrycan
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Window Cleaner


Environmentally friendly, streak free window cleaner

SKU: AP559.075 / AP559.05
Windowgleam window cleaning spray in 5lt jerrycan
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Fast drying, streak free window cleaner

SKU: AP555.005 / AP555.05

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