Odourtak W

Water based enzyme odour control for thermal fogging

Product Description

Odourtak is available in a solvent or water, Citrus or Floral base – is powered by the innovative Elimotech chemistry for rapid neutralization of odours caused by smoke and soot. Elimotech reacts and neutralizes mal-odours at a micro-molecular level enabling quick and permanent elimination of trapped, embedded and air-borne odours.

Even a thorough disinfection and wash down of an area will not remove all odour molecules
Micro smoke odour particles exist in the air, trapped in fabrics carpets and porous materials
In addition to a cleaning routine, you need an Odour Control Strategy.

Colour: Clear (water white)
pH: 7.5
Fragrance: Floral & Citrus
Dilution: Ready to use
Pack sizes: 1Lt & 5Lt

SKU: AP525.01 / AP525.05 / AP526.01 / AP526.05
SKU: AP525.01 Odourtak W Citrus 1Lt
SKU: AP525.05 Odourtak W 5Lt
SKU: AP526.01 Odourtak W Floral 1Lt
SKU: AP526.05 Odourtak W 5Lt

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Additional Information

  • Professional odour neutralising technology – This patented formula works by odour-pairing on a molecular level.
  • A sure-fire solution – Elimotech reacts instantly with mal-odour compounds, creating an inert, non-reversible molecule for permanent eradication. It does not absorb or mask mal odors.
  • Sophisticated chemistry – The Odourtak formulary employs high purity glycols and solvents to facilitate maximum aerial-suspension, penetration into micropores and a platform for aerial smoke odour molecules to be neutralized.
  • Wide application – Formulated for use on smoke odours caused by timber, paper, protein and synthetic fires.
  • Fresh Residual Scent – Deodorises the treated area with a fresh replacement scent to reset the olfactory senses.
Application areas and surface suitability

Odourtak W (water) is formulated to be applied through thermal fogging equipment primarily for treating strong, stubborn odours caused by smoke and soot. This process can be used for initial knock-down on job entry and once fire remediation wash down has been completed.
The heated thermal fogging process creates micro-droplets to mimic the passage of micro-smoke particles as they have deposited in the tiny pores of affected surfaces, providing extremely effective results.

Odourtak W – Ideal for inhabited spaces such as rooms, offices, halls etc.
Odourtak W Citrus is best for smoke odours caused by protein, paper and timber fires.
Odourtak W Floral is best for smoke odours caused by plastic and synthetic fires.

How to use

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals. Observe all safety directions and read the SDS before use.

Suitable protective clothing must be worn.
A respiratory protection device must be worn as described below:

  • Gas filter – Filter type Type A Class 1 or 2 protecting against organic and inorganic vapours (solvents with boiling points above 65°C).
    Must meet AS/NZS standard(AS1715/1716). Cartridge Colour is Brown.
  • Combine filter – filter type CF22 A2 protecting against organic and inorganic gases, solid & liquid particles and micro-organisms.

Odourtak is supplied ready-to-use. Do not dilute or mix with other chemicals.
Use 0.5ml – 1.5ml per m3 air/room space.
When using Odourtak W ensure the fogging equipment is compatible with water based products.


OPTIONAL – thermal fog as an initial knock-down solution on entry of the job.
Remediate the area using professional restoration techniques.

Prepare for fogging by:

  • Determining the volume of the room to establish how much Odourtak will be required to treat the area.
  • Covering or removing all food, food equipment and all items which may be negatively affected by water-based solvents (Odourtak W)
  1. Apply Odourtak using thermal fogging equipment at a rate of 0.5ml – 1.5ml per m3 air/room space.
  2. Keep the treated area closed for a minimum of 30 minutes. Ventilate for 1 hour before allowing re-occupation.


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