Hand Sani Gel

70% Alcohol hand sanitiser gel

Product Description

Hand Sani Gel is 70% cosmetic grade alcohol, hand sanitiser gel.

Hand Sani Gel Alcohol is an effective germ killing agent in a convenient gel form. Hand Sani Gel works fast at killing germs. Hand Sani Gel contains 70% alcohol, which is the optimum level of alcohol, proven to kill nasty germs and help keep you and your family protected. Hand Sani Gel leaves hands refreshed, moisturised and hygienically clean. Just think of all the places you come into contact with germs. From public transport to traveling overseas, even the simple act of changing your child’s nappy. Hand Sani Gel is an ideal way to protect yourself wherever you are.

Colour: Clear (water white)
pH: 6.5
Fragrance: D&G Kings Cross
Dilution: Ready to use
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 500ml & 5Lt

SKU: AP360.001 / AP360.005 / AP360.01 / AP360.05
SKU: AP360.001 100ml Hand Sani Gel_Alcohol Hand sanitiser
SKU: AP360.005 500ml Hand sani gel - Alcohol hand sanitiser
SKU: AP360.01 1Lt Hand Sani Gel_alcohol hand sanitiser
SKU: AP360.05 5Lt Hand Sani Gel_Alcohol hand sanitiser

Download Safety Data Sheet

Additional Information

  • Contains high quality, soft touch skin cleansers, pH balanced to maximise cleansing without irritating the skin.
  • Contains high activity moisturisers to keep skin feeling soft and supple.
  • 70% ethanol solution has been proved to be extraordinarily effective in the total removal of microorganisms from hands.
  • 70% alcohol solution exhibits rapid action on vegetative bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Pleasantly fragranced
  • Fast drying and non-sticky.
  • Leaves your hands fresh, clean and hygienically sanitised.
Application areas and surface suitability

Hand Sani Gel is 70% alcohol hand sanitiser gel that is suitable for use anywhere.

How to use

Read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use


Ready to use


Bulk fill dispensers should be regularly cleaned with hot water.
Follow dispenser instructions for re-filling with Hand Sani Gel.

  1. Dispense 5 ml of Hand Sani Gel onto moistened hands.
  2. Work into hands. Rub in between fingers and on the back of hands.
  3. Do not rinse. Allow to air dry

Keep container closed for maximum performance.


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