Thickened chlorine detergent

Product Description

Chlorosan is a thickened chlorine detergent, disinfectant and mould remover.

Chlorosan is a chlorinated detergent with a vast variety of applications. The high available chlorine content and excellent detergency gives this thickened product the ability to not only clean, whiten and kill bacteria, viruses and mould but stay on the job longer, especially on vertical surfaces. It’s unique foaming ability makes it the product of choice when using foam generating equipment for cleaning washrooms, abattoirs, butcheries and food preparation environments.

Colour: Yellow
pH: 10
Fragrance: Mild chlorine
Dilution: Ready to use – 1:30
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 5Lt & 15Lt

SKU: AP720.15 / AP720.05
SKU: AP720.15 chlorosan bulk pack
SKU: AP720.05 chlorosan 5lt

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Additional Information

  • Quickly destroys and removes mould, mildew, germs and bacteria.
  • Powerful sanitizing stain remover and odour neutralizer.
  • It’s impressive foaming ability enables dramatically superior cleaning action on vertical surfaces and promotes economical usage.
  • Provides powerful removal of organic stains, mould stains and food spills from most tiles, stone and concrete surfaces.
  • Effectively deodorizes bins, drains, toilets, grease traps, etc.
  • AQIS approved formula – safe for use in food preparation areas.
Application areas and surface suitability

Chlorosan is a thickened chlorine detergent, disinfectant and mould remover.

Outdoor Areas – Ideal for removing stains & discolouration from sandstone, concrete, etc.
Showers, baths & tiles – Ideal for sanitizing, cleaning and whitening shower recesses, baths and any tiled surfaces. Effectively removes unsightly mould and mildew.
Toilets – Effectively sanitizes, deodorizes and removes stains from toilets and urinals. Avoid use on steel units.
Kitchens, Butcheries, Fisheries – an outstanding cleaner and destainer for use on all resistant surfaces. Effectively eliminates odours.

How to use

Read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use
Pre-test in an inconspicuous location before use.

  • For use as a sanitizer to remove mould, mildew, germs and bacteria, use undiluted.
  • For use as a general cleaner in outdoor areas, washrooms, kitchens, etc, dilute 30ml Chlorosan per litre of water.
  • Follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions when using in a foam generator.
  1. For sanitization, apply through a squeeze bottle. Squirt onto surface, agitate and allow at least 10 minutes dwell time for maximum anti-bacterial action. Rinse well with clear water.
  2. For general cleaning, make up solution in a clean vessel and mop or wash down surfaces using standard cleaning techniques. Rinse with potable water.


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