Grease Off

Oven & grill cleaner

Product Description

Grease Off is a thickened oven & grill cleaner.

Grease Off oven and grill cleaner is a modern heavy-duty, high caustic cleaner, boosted with a proprietary low odour solvent/surfactant system. It rapidly penetrates grease, oil and carbon build-up and suspends them for easy rinsing.

Colour: Yellow
pH: 14
Fragrance: None
Dilution: Ready to use
Safety profile: Class 8 Corrosive
Pack sizes: 5Lt & 15Lt

SKU: AP250.15 / AP250.05
SKU: AP250.15 grease off 15lt
SKU: AP250.05 grease off 5lt

Download Safety Data Sheet

Additional Information

  • Powerful Soil Emulsification – Fast acting powerful alkali and emulsifying action breaks through heavy grease, fat and carbon build-ups.
  • Low Odour Formula – Solvent system is low in odour and low in toxicity. Minimises chemical fuming.
  • Thickened – thickened formula enables it to “hang-up” on vertical surfaces for maximum cleaning action.
  • Safe on Equipment – Does not cause rusting of iron and steel components.
  • Versatile – May be used to remove heavy grease deposits from concrete floors, tiles and other resistant surfaces. .
Application areas and surface suitability

For the cleaning of grills, ovens, range hoods, filters, bakery racks and baking equipment in commercial kitchens, restaurants, fast food outlets and food manufacturing plants.

How to use

Read sds before use.
Grease Off is a corrosive liquid and care should be taken to ensure that gloves and eye protection are worn.


Ready to use.


Cleaning Ovens

  1. Heat the oven to 70°C and switch off the main switch.
  2. Use undiluted for all grill and oven surfaces.
  3. Apply with a spray bottle or brush.
  4. Allow to penetrate for 30 minutes and then wipe down with a wet cloth or sponge.
  5. Rinse well with water.
  6. Scouring action may be needed to remove stubborn deposits.

DO NOT use on electrical components, paintwork, aluminium or vinyl tiles.
Keep container closed for maximum performance.


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