Heavy duty degreaser

Product Description

Rhino is a heavy duty, concentrated detergent designed specifically for tough industrial cleaning, kitchen cleaning and oil & grime build-up. Its highly effective blend of solvents, surfactants and builders, quickly emulsify heavy grease and grime. Rhino, like the name suggests, is tough, consistent and will take on any task regardless of the level of difficulty. The incredible versatile nature of Rhino, makes it just as comfortable in the commercial kitchen as it is in heavy industrial sites including, mining, defense, transport and machine shops.

Colour: Deep red
pH: 14
Fragrance: None
Dilution: 1:10 to 1:120
Safety profile: Class 8 Corrosive
Pack sizes: 5Lt & 15Lt

SKU: AP110.05 / AP110.15
SKU: AP110.05 Heavy duty degreasing cleaner
SKU: AP110.15 rhino 15lt

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Additional Information

  • Rapid Emulsification – Quickly penetrates and emulsifies dirt, grease and oils.
  • Tough Cleaning Action – Tough enough to handle baked-on carbons and old stubborn soils.
  • Economical – An economical, yet very effective maintenance cleaner at high dilutions.
  • Food Area Use – Safe for use in food preparation & manufacturing environments.
  • Deep Cleaning – At lower dilutions, it tackles the toughest of industrial clean-ups.
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning – Excellent for tile and grout cleaning and for degreasing concrete floors.
Application areas and surface suitability

General Cleaning – Ideal for use as a cost effective detergent for the manual cleaning of factory, warehouse and supermarket floors, walls, tiles etc.
Heavy Duty Cleaning – Especially effective for factory clean-up operations, machine degreasing and for degreasing hard surfaces in industrial kitchens and food preparation areas.
Do not use or allow Rhino to contact painted surfaces, non-ferrous metal surfaces (especially aluminium) and polymer coated flooring. Safe on all man-made tiles, natural stone products, grout and concrete at recommended dilutions.

How to use

Read and understand the SDS before use.
Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.
Rhino is corrosive and appropriate care should be exercised including the use of suitable protective gloves, goggles and protective clothing and warning signage.

  • Light cleaning – mix 8-12ml per litre of water (1:120-1:80).
  • General and routine industrial cleaning – mix 12-20ml per litre of water (1:80-1:50).
  • Heavy cleaning – mix up to 50ml per litre of water (1:20),
  • Machine and equipment cleaning use undiluted.
  1. Follow standard cleaning techniques.
  2. Apply the cleaning solution using a clean mop, cloth, or spray bottle
  3. Scrub well and allow dwell time.
  4. Rinse off with clear (potable) water.
  5. For machine and equipment cleaning, spray on undiluted, allow dwell time and rinse off with clear (potable) water.


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