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Our carefully formulated range of concrete and masonry products will add to the longevity of your surfaces, offering protection from water ingress to keep them clean, dry and safe from salts and pollution.

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Actiflow Dispenser Kit


Actiflow Disdpenser Kit

defender csd50 - 5Lt
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Defender CSD 50


Consolidator and repellent for stone

SKU: AP677.025 / AP677.005 / AP677.15 / AP677.05
Actichem Defender CSD Pure
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Defender CSD Pure


Consolidator and strengthener for stone

SKU: AP675.05 / AP675.15
defender sv
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Defender SV


Water repellent for porous stone

SKU: AP672.15 / AP672.05
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Defender WB

Penetrating sealer for concrete and masonry

SKU: AP179
Hybrid Sealer for concrete and stone
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Intense Hybrid


High penetration enhancing sealer for porous stone

SKU: AP909.15 / AP909.05
intense pro 5lt
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Intense Pro


Colour enhancing sealer for dense natural stone

SKU: AP907.005 / AP907 / AP907.15
Economical, high-penetration sealer for dense stone & tiles
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Solv Sealer Pro


Penetrating sealer for stone and tiles

SKU: AP169.005 / AP169.15 / AP169.05
Premium, high performance penetrating sealer for stone & tiles. Green Star approved
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Stone Sealer Gold


Penetratin stone and concrete sealer

SKU: AP177.005 / AP177.05 / AP177.15

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