Actiflow Dispenser Kit

Portable dispenser for total dilution control

Product Description

Actiflow Dispensers are an essential innovation providing the perfect solution to problems that surround dilution control. Actiflow Dispensers ensure safe and accurate dilution of concentrate every time.

Turn Any Container Into a Portable Dispenser!

Offering dual flow channel and dual dilution, the Actiflow Dual will offer the most accurate dilution in the portable dispenser market, 40% more accurate than the current competition.
The metering tip is placed in the insert as opposed to the head of the unit. A concentric head attachment makes it easy to transfer between multiple chemical bottles.
A single lever activates the change between the flow channels, enabling the consumer to be able to pull different dilutions from the same chemical to accommodate different uses.

SKU: ADU Actiflow Dispenser Kit
SKU: ADU Actiflow Dispenser Kit
SKU: ADU Actiflow dispenser kit

Additional Information

  • Accurate dilutions – the dual-port cap adapter offers a dual flow channel
  • Dual dilution is established with a dual straw insert
  • The dilution is carried out in the insert as opposed to in the PDU head so it can be easily interchanged with different chemicals
  • A single lever changes between single and dual flow and dilution
  • Built in back-flow preventer ASSE 1055-2009
  • State-of-the-art materials withstand harsh chemicals
  • Turn water on and off at the unit
  • Ergonomically designed for safety and productivity with one-handed operation
  • low cost compared to wall-mounted dispensers
  • Installation is instant – no mounting required
  • Specially designed squeeze trigger helps eliminate hand fatigue
  • Creates a closed loop system


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