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We’re the market-leaders for disaster recovery cleaning products in Australia, with a comprehensive range of premium solutions tailored for every application. Our products are designed to ensure safe, smooth and rapid restoration. Reliable results for odour control, fire and flood clean-up, bio-hazard and trauma cleaning and mould removal.

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Actiflow Dispenser Kit


Actiflow Disdpenser Kit

Biosan II Hospital Grade Disinfectant
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Biosan II


Hospital grade disinfectant and micro-organism decontaminant

SKU: AP439.20 / AP439.05 / AP439.0075E
biosan ii ready to use hospital grade disinfectant in 5lt jerrycan
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Biosan II – Ready To Use


Ready to use, Hospital Grade Disinfectant and decontaminant

SKU: AP621.05 / AP621.075
Hospital Grade disinfectant wipes
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Biosan II Wipes


Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes

SKU: AP622.ctn / AP622
chlorosan 5lt
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Thickened chlorine detergent and disinfectant.

SKU: AP720.15 / AP720.05
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Clean Force


Enzyme boosted carpet cleaning prespray

SKU: AP453
deosan 5lt
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Anti-microbial odour eliminator

SKU: AP433.20 / AP433.05
Deostor Extreme 5Lt
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Deostor Extreme


Enzyme based odour control for extreme conditions

SKU: AP523.01 / AP523.05
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Deostor Fire


Enzyme based odour control for soot & smoke odours

SKU: AP521.01 / AP522.01 / AP521.05 / AP522.05
Deostor Organic 5Lt
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Deostor Organic


Enzyme based odour control product for organic waste

SKU: AP520.01O / AP520.05O
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Deostor Spray


Enzyme based odour control product for aerial spray

SKU: AP524.05 / AP524.005
Actichem Deozyme 5Lt
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Odour remover and enzyme digester

SKU: AP438.05 / AP438.0075
fire fix 5lt
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Fire Fix


Fire restoration cleaner for soft and delicate surfaces

SKU: DR986.20 / DR986.05
fire restore 5lt
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Fire Restore


Fire restoration cleaner for hard resilient surfaces

SKU: DR164.20 / DR164.05
Forest Fresh Responsibly Green
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Forest Fresh


Commercial grade disinfectant & cleaner

SKU: AP651.0075 / AP651.05 / AP651.15
Hypo Enforcer 1Lt
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Hypo Enforcer


Mould remover chlorine additive

SKU: AP728.01
500ml kwiksan spray bottle
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Hospital grade disinfectant — alcohol based

SKU: AP689.001 / AP689.005S / AP689.05
Mould Exterminator 5Lt
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Mould Exterminator


Mould, mildew and mould stain remover

SKU: AP726.05 / AP726.075
Mould Remover Duo
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Mould Remover


Mould remover & sanitiser for washrooms

SKU: AP617.0075 / AP617.05
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Odourtak SV


Enzyme based odour control for thermal fogging

SKU: AP527.01 / AP527 - Citrus / AP528.01 / AP528 - Floral
Odourtak W 5Lt
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Odourtak W


Enzyme based odour control for thermal fogging

SKU: AP525.01 / AP525.05 / AP526.01 / AP526.05
Oxygen booster additive for cleaning, destaining and deodorising
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Oxyboost Plus


Oxygenated additive for destaining, cleaning & deodorising

SKU: AP446.01 / AP446.045
Mould remover, destainer and micro-organism decontaminant
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Hospital-grade disinfectant

SKU: AP610.0075 / AP610.05 / AP610.20
Booster & Peroxide activator for Percide
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Percide Boost


Boosters & peroxide activators for Percide

SKU: AP611.05 / AP611.005 / AP611.0075
Hydrogen Peroxide 50%
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Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

SKU: AP869.05 / AP869.20
System 7 Hand Pad
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System 7


Floor maintenance cleaning pad

SKU: S7.Hand / S7.Disc.16
Actichem Thymox Botanical Disinfectant
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A powerful solution for all disinfection and cleaning needs, made with thymol, a botanically derived active ingredient that shines in [...]

SKU: AP605.075 / AP605.05 / AP605.20

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