Deostor Extreme

Enzyme based odour control for extreme conditions

Product Description

Deostor Extreme is an enzyme based odour control for extreme conditions.

Deostor Extreme employs a high concentration of the most powerful of Elimotech chemistry for rapid neutralization of the toughest of obnoxious odours. Elimotech reacts and neutralizes mal-odours at a micro-molecular level enabling quick and permanent elimination of trapped, embedded and air-borne odours.

Even a thorough disinfection and wash down of an area will not remove all odour molecules.
Micro smoke odour particles exist in the air, trapped in fabrics carpets and porous materials.
In addition to a cleaning routine, you need an Odour Control Strategy.

Colour: Blue
pH: 7.5
Fragrance: Floral
Dilution: 1:25 to 1:50
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 1Lt & 5Lt

SKU: AP523.01 / AP523.05
SKU: AP523.01 Deostor Extreme 1Lt
SKU: AP523.05 Deostor Extreme 5Lt

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Additional Information

  • Professional odour neutralising technology – This patented formula works by odour-pairing on a molecular level.
  • A sure-fire solution – Elimotech reacts instantly with mal-odour compounds, creating an inert, non-reversible molecule for permanent eradication. It does not absorb or mask mal odours.
  • Powerful – Formulated for use on tough odour scenes such as tobacco, curry, death scenes, strong animal odours and where other treatments have failed.
  • Surface safe – Deostor Extreme is safe to use on virtually all water cleanable hard surfaces, carpets, fabrics and garments.
  • Versatile application – Ideal for use as a stand-alone treatment, for boosting wash down detergents and in garment remediation work.
  • Fresh Residual Scent – Deodorises the treated area with a fresh replacement scent to reset the olfactory senses.
Application areas and surface suitability

Deostor Extreme is formulated for treatment of severe odour conditions and obnoxious odours known for their persistence including tobacco, curry and cadaverine. It is not only a blend of the most potent odour control chemistries but is also highly concentrated and is therefore always used in a blend with another odour control product or wash-down detergent.

Additive guide

Deostor Extreme can be effectively added to;

  • Actichem Deostor Fire and Deostor Organic
  • Actichem Fire Fix and Fire Restore
  • Actichem Biosan II, Deozyme and Deosan
  • Most laundry washing detergents
  • Actichem Carpet & Upholstery prespray and in-tank solutions.

Do not add to oxidising and chlorine solutions without consulting an Actichem technician.

How to use

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals. Observe all safety directions and read the SDS before use.
Deostor Extreme is safe when used as directed.

  • Add 10-30ml per litre of ready-to-use Deostor solution.
  • Add 15-40ml per litre of ready-to-use Deostor solution for initial knock-down applications
  • Add 10-30ml per litre of ready-to-use restoration wash down solution.
  • For laundering, add 5-10ml per kg of washing.
  1. Always physically remove decaying organic matter or charred items which are to be disposed of.
  2. Ensure that the solution containing Deostor Extreme comes in contact with the offending source.
  3. Airless paint sprayers are ideal for larger area treatment.
  4. Where organic contaminants are encountered the area must be co-treated with a biocide and/or an enzyme bacteria blend.


Over-application of Deostor Extreme can result in long lasting fragrant odours remaining which may be undesirable to certain individuals.


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