A powerful solution for all disinfection and cleaning needs, made with thymol, a botanically derived active ingredient that shines in a herbal scent.

Product Description

Thymox, a highly adaptable, botanical, hospital-grade disinfectant derived from Thymol, stands as a testament to its versatility across multiple environments. Its remarkable effectiveness spans various settings, catering to disaster restoration, healthcare facilities, residential spaces, commercial establishments, and industrial setups. What sets Thymox apart is its unique formulation, streamlining the entire cleaning process by integrating multiple capabilities within a single step: not merely cleaning but also encompassing sanitising, disinfecting, and deodorising.

WINNER Adding to its accolades, Thymox clinched the prestigious ISSA Inclean Excellence Award in 2023 under the Innovative Cleaning Agents Category, a testament to its effectiveness and innovation in the field.

AUST L 400439

Thymox’s outstanding safety profile, a pivotal feature ensuring efficient disinfection and decontamination, especially in areas where sensitivity and compromised health are critical concerns. Additionally, Thymox holds a strong commitment to environmental friendliness, meeting stringent eco-label requirements with ease. This environmentally conscious approach has increased its popularity not only in healthcare and disaster recovery but also in sectors like animal health and biosecurity, where its exceptional profile has gained widespread recognition and adoption.

  • Botanically derived active ingredient, Thymol.
  • Kills 99.99% of germs, viruses, fungi & moulds.
  • No Rinse Required.
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant.
  • Effective in cleaning, disinfection, decontamination and odour control.
  • TGA Listed.

Thymox boasts extensive application potential, proving highly effective on an array of surfaces. From furniture to bedding, carpet to timber, floors to walls, benchtops to appliances, equipment to windows, and more, its efficacy spans across metals like steel, brass, aluminium, glazed porcelain, sealed concrete, polystyrene, plastic, polypropylene, and PVC.

Colour: Clear
pH: 6.0
Fragrance: Grapefruit and Lemongrass
Dilution: Ready to use
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 750ml, 5Lt & 20Lt

SKU: AP605.075 / AP605.05 / AP605.20
Actichem Thymox Botanical Disinfectant

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Additional Information



Spot test to check compatibility with the surface. For use on hard nonporous surfaces. Spray to thoroughly wet the surface to be disinfected. Surface must remain wet for 1 minute to kill viruses, 2 minutes to kill bacteria, 3 minutes to kill fungi and Human Rotavirus, and to disinfect Norovirus, let stand for 4 minutes. Allow to air dry. If desired, wipe dry. Repeat for reliable disinfection on grossly soiled surfaces.

Cleaning & Deodorising

Spray the product on surface and wipe clean. To remove heavy soil let stand a few minutes and wipe clean. For soft surfaces; spray to wet surface and wipe or blot to clean.

Electrostatic Spraying

This product can be applied effectively with a ULV fogger as a supplement to normal cleaning procedures on restoration and remediation projects in confined, vacant areas of schools, healthcare facilities and in HVAC systems.


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