Red Fix

Red stain removal kit

Product Description

Red Fix is a powerful stain removal system for the removal of colour stains (particularly red dye) caused by cool drinks, wine, food and beverages. The two part system allows the controlled use of activated metabisulphite which creates radical strength stain removal properties in a short space of time.

Pack sizes: 500ml Kit & 5Lt Kit

SKU: AP499.005
Red stain remover for carpet & upholstery cleaning

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Additional Information

  • Stain Removal – Red Fix employs the proven red-removal properties of Metabisulphite to remove the colour from the toughest dye stains including wine, red cordial and cool drinks.
  • Two Part System – The two part system ensures maximum performance for the most stubborn stains.
  • Versatile – Red Fix also removes colour from stains caused by juice, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, cool drink, cellulosic browning and many foods.
  • Fibre Safe – Red Fix is safe for use on natural and synthetic fibres, however fine fabrics must be pre-tested for fibre and dye stability before use.
Application areas and surface suitability

Carpets and fabric stain removal

Even stronger stain removal can be achieved by using the iron method. However extreme caution should be exercised as colour loss or fibre damage can occur.

How to use

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals. Some fabrics and delicate carpets may experience colour loss.


Mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B in the mixing bottle provided.

  1. Remove by steam extraction as much of the stain as possible, doing extra dry vacuum strokes.
  2. Mix equal amounts of Part A and Part B in the mixing bottle provided.
  3. Apply solution directly onto the stain and agitate briefly.
  4. Allow 10 to 30 minutes reaction time for stain removal. Some stains will respond within 5 to 10 minutes whilst others may require up to 30 minutes.
  5. Extract or blot with a clean white absorbent cloth. Do not rub.
  6. Stubborn stains may require the use of heat which must only be done with extreme caution.
  7. Heat is best applied using a steam iron. Apply Red Fix solution and then place a damp, white terry towel over the area. Heat the towel with the iron. Take extreme caution not to burn the carpet or overheat the area. Only heat as much as is required to create dye transfer onto the terry towel.
  8. Rinse the area with clean water or Rinse Pro.
Special application notes for using heat with Red Fix
  1. Apply Red Fix to the affected area and agitate gently using a brush.
  2. Cover the area with a white terry towel.
  3. Using a steam iron, iron over the area cautiously.
  4. Examine the terry towel to see if colour has transferred onto the towel.
  5. Cover the area again with a clean patch of the terry towel and repeat the process.
  6. Take care to watch for colour loss in the carpet.


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