Granite Polishing Cream

Granite polishing cream

Product Description

Granite Polish from Actichem is a premium polishing cream, which is made in the USA, exclusively for Actichem. Granite Polish is made using the highest grade of crystal abrasive commercially available. Using such high grade ingredients ensures a consistent finish and increased depth of shine.

Granite Polish is a ready-to-use polishing cream for achieving the final lustre on most granites. Works particularly well on darker granites.

Colour: Grey
pH: 9
Fragrance: None
Dilution: Ready to use (mix with water)
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 1qt & 500ml

SKU: AP183

Download Safety Data Sheet

Additional Information

  • Provides a superior level of control during the polishing process. Is not as hot as the lower grades of powder.
  • Granite Polish is super easy to work with and is exceptional resistant to orange-peeling.
  • Zero dust formulation.
  • Rinses easily and is perfectly suited to fabrication polishing as well as floor polishing applications.
  • Leave a micro-coating to resist soiling.
Application areas and surface suitability

Granite Polishing Cream is a polishing cream ideally suited to darker granites and bluestone.

How to use

Read and understand the SDS before use.
Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.
Do not leave unattended on sensitive surfaces.


Mix with water to form a slurry

  1. Mask and tape off surrounding areas to avoid damage to other substrates.
  2. Remove all waxes and finishes from the stone surface before first use.
  3. Apply 30 – 40ml of Granite Polish in the centre of the area being polished.
  4. Using a slow-speed, heavy-duty machine and a natural pad, work the product over the area being polished. Add more Granite Polish as needed while keeping the cream somewhat thick.
  5. Work the product in a slow, even, side-to-side motion for about 10 minutes.
  6. Pull slurry back with a squeegee to determine gloss level.
  7. Once polished, wet vacuum the area. Rinse well, wet vacuum again and assess gloss level. If gloss level is acceptable, move on and repeat process. Overlap areas to blend.
  8. When total area is completed, rinse and wet vacuum entire area.
  9. Once the surface is dry, buff with a white pad to ensure the removal of residue.
  10. Immediately rinse and remove any material splashing out of the work area, to prevent etching.


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