Stain absorbing poultice powder

Product Description

Actisorb is a new technology, neutral powder with incredible stain absorption properties and non-scratch abrasives. Ideal for use in poultice form for lifting stains from porous surfaces. Provides revolutionary stain absorption properties for lifting stubborn, deep-set stains from porous surfaces.

Actisorb is a fine white/grey powder used in cleaning and restoration of stone surfaces.

Colour: White (Powder)
pH: N/A
Fragrance: None
Dilution: N/A
Safety: Non-hazardous
Pack Size: 350gram & 4Kg

SKU: AP151
350gram Actisorb poultice powder

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Additional Information

  • Conveniently Versatile – Actisorb is an inert, neutral absorption powder and can be mixed with any cleaning liquid to form a poultice. Compatible with solvents and alkalis.
  • Substrate Safe – Actisorb is safe to use on all tile, stone, grout, masonry and cement surfaces, including sensitive polished granite, marble and limestone
  • A Cleaning Booster – Specialty non-scratch abrasives are included for additional cleaning power on grout haze cleaning, porcelain wax removal and tough soil build ups.
Application areas and surface suitability

Actisorb is safe for use on all man-made and natural stone, concrete, tiles and grout. Use Actisorb to lift deep set stains and oils from fine stone and masonry surfaces.

How to Use

Read and understand the SDS before use.
Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.
Actisorb is a fine powder – Wear dust mask


Dilutions are not applicable.
Actisorb can be mixed with almost any liquid substance to remove stains.


Poultice Form:

  1. Mix Actisorb with POG to form a toothpaste consistency paste.
  2. Cover oil stain with a 10 – 15mm thick layer of Actisorb/POG poultice.
  3. Allow to sit for a minimum of 2 hours or until dry. Cover with plastic or similar to prevent direct exposure to sunlight and to prolong drying times.
  4. Rinse or brush away.

Scourer Use:

  1. Mix Actisorb with T&G Cleaner Pro to form a wet paste.
  2. Use this paste to remove grout smear, cement, residues or tough, compacted grime build-ups. Scrub with a nylon pad.
  3. Rinse well with water after use.
  4. Alternatively; apply the relevant cleaning solution to the floor area concerned and sprinkle sufficient Actisorb onto the area to form a slurry. Agitate using a low speed scrubber using a red pad or brush. Extract the slurry and rinse well with water.


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