How to remove mould from bathrooms

May 15th, 2024 | Disaster Restoration

Removing mould from bathrooms is somewhat easier than other locations. Even though bathrooms and shower areas are prone to mould growth due to the warm and moist conditions, these surfaces are often more durable, allowing for the use of stronger mould removal chemicals.

Mould in a bathroom

Making Mould Removal Easy

Our Disaster Restoration Handbook is designed to make the process of removing mould and restoring properties as easy as possible. With easy-to-read how-to guides and a wealth of tips and tricks for dealing with mould, fire, and flood restoration, this handbook is an invaluable resource for professionals.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor mould outbreak or a major disaster, our handbook provides step-by-step instructions and expert advice to help you navigate the restoration process with confidence. Additionally, it showcases our disaster restoration specific product range, ensuring that you have access to the tools and solutions you need to tackle any restoration challenge. Download your copy now for instant access to essential information, or request a hard copy for convenient reference whenever you need it.


  • Rinsing water source – Clean water to rinse away the dead mould. Either use hose, shower or high pressure washer.
  • Mould Remover Chemical – For removing mould in a bathroom the Actichem Percide is the product of choice for professional restoration contractors. Being a peroxide based chemical, it will kill the mould and remove the stain. For even greater mould stain removal the Percide can be teamed up with the Percide Boost.
  • Brush – Agitating the surface will ensure the Percide comes in contact will all of the affected areas.
  • PPE – All the necessary PPE needs to be use as hydrogen peroxide is a hazardous chemical.

The Process

2. Agitate

3. Dwell for 10 minutes

4. Agitate again

5. Rinse

6. Repeat

  1. Apply Percide
    Apply Percide to the affected area. Ensure all areas and surfaces come into contact with the solution. Apply by spray, sponge or cloth onto the affected area.
  2. Agitation
    Wherever possible, agitate the affected area with the scrubbing brush. This will promote contact and penetration into porous substrates.
  3. Dwell
    Allow a minimum of 10 minutes dwell time. Dwell time is very important to ensure success. It will allow the Percide to fully reach and eradicate the mould hyphae and spores.
  4. Agitate Again
    Agitate the affected area again to loosen any stubborn mould growth and ensure thorough rinse away.
  5. Rinse
    Rinse down the area thoroughly with clean water.
  6. Repeat
    For surfaces with high porosity and/or surfaces which are moderately to severely soiled, repeat steps 1-5 to ensure complete mould eradication.


  1. Previous surface damage
    Please note these treatment directions assume that the host surface is not damaged by the mould.
  2. Pre-treatment process
    Scope out the area to be treated. Remove items that may be damaged by the process and set-up any protective sheeting to protect adjoining and surrounding surfaces (eg carpets, benchtops, furniture, etc). Shut down mechanical ventilation systems including air-conditioning systems.
    Thoroughly HEPA vacuum the area to be treated where possible.
  3. Stubborn, tough mould build-up option – Mould Exterminator
    If mould is particularly stubborn or and built-up the use of Mould Exterminator is a powerful option. It’s activated chlorine-based formula is particularly effective on eliminating black and red mould staining. It’s unique supper-wetting formula allows it to penetrate deep in to the pours of the substrate completely eradicating the mould down to the roots, thus eliminating a shadow stain.
  4. Washing Equipment
    Clean all washing equipment used in a fresh solution of Percide and rinse in clean water.
  5. Removing mould from natural stone
    If the substrate is natural stone, the best product to use is Mould Exterminator. or the Percide + Boost solution. These options will completely eradicate the mould without damaging the surface.

Where To Buy

Percide is a hospital grade disinfectant that is TGA listed. It is also an advanced mould removal product.

Its unique formula penetrates deep into porous surfaces and reacts violently with mould spores & growth to entirely eradicate them. It also removes the mould stain and brightens the surface being treated. Percide does not encapsulate or hide mould, but eradicates its spore roots to ensure consistent, 100% clearance reports on every mould remediation job.

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