Webinar – Where Science Meets Mould

December 4th, 2023 | Disaster Restoration

The “Where Science Meets Mould” Webinar first aired in July 2023. It goes over mould and testing and various forms of mould removal including vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide & Chlorine as well as Actichem products including Percide, Percide + Boost & Mould Exterminator.

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Mastering Flood Clean-Up: A Comprehensive Guide

Actichem's will guide you through the importance of a professional plan, shed light on the dangers of floodwater, reveal the correct step-by-step process for optimal results every time, and provide crucial insights on staying safe during flood clean-up.

Date: Tuesday 13th February

Time: 9:00am

 - 9:30am AEDT

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