Graffiti Repel

Permanent anti-graffiti treatment

Product Description

Graffiti-Repel is a premium anti-graffiti treatment for porous building materials including concrete, brick, sandstone, limestone, marble and bluestone. Graffiti-Repel provides porous building materials with an invisible barrier against graffiti attacks. Graffiti-Repel maintains the vapour permeability of the stone as well as providing weather resistant protection for up to 10 years.

  • Powerful graffiti repellent – Provides premium protection to a wide range of substrates from graffiti damage.
  • Water Based – Low VOC formulation
  • Natural Look – does not alter the natural look of stone nor change its surface texture, slip characteristics or colouring.
  • Surface Safe – will not etch or cause discolouration of natural stone.
  • Vapour Permeable – won’t trap moisture. Allows natural stone to “breathe”.
  • Safe to Use – Does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons and is not a suspected carcinogen.
Expected Wear:

Graffiti-Repel will provide premium protection for up to 10 years and in many applications, several years longer. However application methods, weather conditions, traffic, harsh cleaning methods and substrate type will affect wear. Avoid use of solvents, strong acids and strong alkalis for extended sealer life.
It is recommended that the sealer be re-applied every 7 – 8 years where harsh conditions exist.
When graffiti is removed from a surface protected with Graffiti-Repel, this area should be re-treated with Graffiti-Repel.

Recommended applications:

Graffiti-Repel is suited for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces to repel graffiti. Ideal for use on facades, feature walling, monuments and landscape stone.

Pack sizes: 500ml, 5Lt & 15Lt

SKU: AP174
Graffiti Repel

Additional Information

How to use

Read and understand the MSDS before use
Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for sensitivity to chemicals.
It is recommended practise to conduct test patches to accurately determine consumption and check for compatibility with the substrate, thereby avoiding any unwanted colour change to the substrate.


Product code: AP174
pH: 7.5
Colour: N/A
Safety: Non hazardous
Packaging: 500ml, 5lt & 15lt.


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