Effective Gastro Outbreak Cleanup with Actichem

September 18th, 2023 | Infection Control

Effective Gastro Outbreak Cleanup with Actichem

Gastrointestinal outbreaks can strike unexpectedly, whether in a household, daycare centre, school, or even a healthcare facility. When such an outbreak occurs, quick and effective cleanup is essential to prevent further transmission of the infection. Actichem offers a range of high-quality cleaning and sanitising products designed to tackle gastro outbreaks and maintain a hygienic environment. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to effectively sanitise and clean up after a gastro outbreak using Actichem products.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Assess the Situation

Before you begin the cleanup process, assess the extent of the outbreak. Identify the affected areas and surfaces. It’s crucial to determine whether the outbreak is mild or severe, as this will influence the extent of cleaning and sanitisation required.

  1. Safety First

Ensure that you and anyone assisting you in the cleanup wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes disposable gloves, masks, and aprons to protect against direct contact with the infected material.

  1. Remove Contaminated Items

Start by removing any contaminated items such as soiled linens, clothing, or disposable materials. These should be placed in a sealed plastic bag to prevent the spread of the infection.

  1. Clean and Disinfect

Actichem offers a range of cleaning and disinfecting products specifically formulated to combat gastro outbreaks. Two essential products to consider are:

Note: Norovirus is a common cause of gastro outbreaks. Norovirus is a very resistant virus to disinfection and is not deactivated by many hospital grade disinfectants including QUAT and alcohol-based solutions.

  1. Proper Application

When using Actichem products, follow these guidelines for effective application:

  • Wear PPE throughout the process.
  • Read the directions and safety information on the label beginning.
  • Ensure good ventilation while working with cleaning products.
  • Apply the cleaning solution generously on surfaces and allow it to dwell for the recommended contact time.
  • Use disposable cloths or paper towels for cleaning. Discard them after each use, and dispose according to bio-hazard protocols.
  • Pay extra attention to high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and taps.
  1. Launder and Disinfect Fabrics

Wash all contaminated fabrics, including linens and clothing, using Actichem Autoplus Super. Use the hottest water setting recommended for the fabrics. Depending on the fabric profile, using chlorine or oxygen bleach in the machine or soak will provide effective disinfection.

  1. Monitor and Maintain Hygiene

After the cleanup, continue to monitor the affected area for any signs of recurrence. Regularly clean and disinfect surfaces, especially during the outbreak’s peak.

Actichem Products Mentioned

Actichem products provide effective solutions for cleaning and sanitising after a gastro outbreak. Proper cleaning and disinfection protocols are crucial to prevent further transmission of the infection. By following these steps and using Actichem products, you can help ensure the safety and well-being of your household, facility, or community during a gastro outbreak. The Actichem Products mentioned above are listed below:


Percide IC

Autoplus Super

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