Epoxy Grout Smear

June 20th, 2023 | Stone & Tile

Epoxy Grout Smear

When it comes to tiling projects, achieving a flawless and long-lasting finish is the ultimate goal. However, even the most skilled tilers can encounter a common challenge known as epoxy grout smear or alternatively epoxy grout haze. If you’ve ever noticed a hazy film or residue on the surface of your tiles after grouting, chances are you’ve come face-to-face with this frustrating issue. Epoxy grouts are often chosen for their powerful water repellent properties and strong colours. However, the trade-off comes in the form of grout smear that is very difficult to remove.

What is Epoxy Grout Smear

Epoxy grout smear refers to the excess grout that gets spread and smeared across the surface of tiles during the grouting process. It can be a significant eyesore, detracting from the overall aesthetic appeal of your meticulously installed tiles. When tiles are grouted, the grout is pushed into joints using a grouting trowel. Once all the grout lines are filled and excess is removed with the trowel, the entire surface is cleaned using a sponge and clean water. This process removes the excess grout on the surface and smooths off the grout lines. This sponging process is difficult to get perfect and will almost leave some grout residue on the tiles when it dries. This grout residue is grout smear.

What Actichem products can remove/rectify it?

For a reliable and effective solution to remove epoxy grout smear, Actichem’s Powerstrip reigns supreme. Powerstrip will break down the polymers in the grout smear and allow it to be removed from the surface allowing you to restore the pristine appearance of your tiles quickly and confidently.

What is the process?

When it comes to dealing with grout smear, the key is to take action promptly after the grout has dried. To achieve optimal results, we recommend utilizing Actichem’s Powerstrip, diluted at a ratio of 1:4 with water (or adjust accordingly for more severe deposits). Applying this potent solution and agitating the surface with a non-scratch nylon pad is the next step. Allow approximately 10 minutes for Powerstrip to work its magic, effectively softening the grout smear. After thorough agitation, rinse the area with clean water, and behold the transformative outcome.

Learn more about Powerstrip…

For more information or technical advice, feel free to contact one of our stone specialists.

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