What makes Conquer so special?

July 24th, 2020 | Actichem News

Conquer. Possibly the best carpet stain remover in the world.

Conquer is so much more than just a spot and stain removal solution for carpets and fabric. Conquer is like an insurance policy for your carpet. Conquer gives you the assurance, that no matter what ends up on the carpet, you have the solution to getting it out.

Conquer will provide serious stain removal for a wide range of stain types. This unique formulation contains the very latest technology in polymers and surfactants to remove even the toughest of stains with ease. What makes this product so special?

Stain & spot removal

Conquer will quickly and effectively lift tough stains caused by food, drinks, cosmetics, oils, organics, beverages, pets and many other things that find their way into carpets and fabrics. The Actichem product development team, made some significant breakthroughs in the making of this product. You will seldom find a product that is so tough on stains and yet incredibly fibre friendly.

Encapsulation technology

This technology is one of the areas where the real genius lies. When you apply Conquer to a spot or stain, the surfactants and solvents cut through the grease, grime or whatever else caused the stain. Once you have thoroughly wet the area, you can gently agitate the carpet or fabric with a soft brush. Alternatively, you can blot the area with a clean white towel. Once this process is complete you can simply leave the treated area to dry. Now, a normal carpet spot remover, will dry down, leaving behind chemical residue that not only still contains dirt, but also contains surfactants that will actually attract dirt and soils. Not Conquer. When you blot or agitate Conquer into the stained area, carefully balanced polymers, mix with the stain and actually encapsulate it. Now when the mixture of dirt and Conquer dries down, it dries to an ultra-dry, brittle crystal that resists re-soiling and is easily vacuumed up. The amazing thing about this, is that you can attend to a spill immediately and effectively trap the stain before it even gets a chance to settle into the carpet fibres.


The new formulation Conquer has been given a giant boost of confidence, thanks to some groundbreaking technology in fragrances. The new formulation now contains a fragrance built using a technology called Popscent. Popscent technology is a core shell polymeric capsule containing perfume that get deposited and retained on surfaces (carpets & upholstery) during product use. Upon drying the capsules become brittle and break (due to naturally occurring physical forces such as movement, rubbing, foot abrasion, etc.), thus releasing the perfume.

Fibre suitability

Conquer is safe to use around children and pets. We also have put special focus on ensuring that it is safe on all fibre and fabric types.

In summary, if your office, house, car etc, has a carpet, you really should have Conquer, because, accidents do happen.

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