Fibre shield carpet protector dilution ratios

April 11th, 2019 | Carpet Cleaning

What is the correct dilution ratio for Fibre Shield on both dry and freshly cleaned damp carpet?

Actichem’s Fibre Shield (AP470) is an advanced water-based fluorochemical polymer providing premium protection for nylon and wool carpeting. It has been professionally formulated to create a durable, highly repellent property to each fibre. This repellent nature which includes speciality red dye blockers holds spills and stains close to the surface and enables them to be removed before causing permanent staining. Fibre Shield also repels dry soiling and releases these dry soils to vacuuming which in turn promotes carpet longevity.

Dry Carpet

Carpet Protector Coverage Guide 1:4 dilution ratio. Download PDF here for short and high pile carpet:

Freshly Cleaned Damp Carpet

Carpet Protector Coverage Guide 1:2 dilution ratio. Download PDF here for short and high pile carpet:

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