What is the difference between CTR and Brownaway?

March 25th, 2019 | Cleaning Tips

Brownaway has a large overlap with Actichem CTR. It has been primarily formulated to fill the requirements of a cellulosic browning remover which does not have the strong pungent odour associated with reducing agents.

But then …

By the sheer nature of the raw materials employed to achieve a high-performance browning remover, we have also achieved excellent coffee and tannin removal properties.

Plus …

Due to the fact that we have a real good selection of low pH agents in this product, it also very effectively removes urine stains. Having discovered this we added some sanitizing agents to kill the odour causing bacteria in the urine affected carpets.

So, does this mean that Brownaway replaces Pet & Flood and Spotaway U?

If you were keen to really rationalize your chemical inventory you could narrow it down to Brownaway. I would probably use Brownaway as my first defence on all browning, coffee, tea, berry and urine stains. If you didn’t achieve the premium results you expected, remember the special features of these products.

  • Brownaway – Provides the most effective removal of cellulosic browning stains, and is odourless.
  • Actichem CTR – Provides the most effective removal of coffee, tannin and berry stains.
  • Pet & Flood – Provides the best overall performance in removing urine odour and stains.
  • Spotaway U – Provides the most effective removal of urine stains using hydrogen peroxide. Not as effective on odour removal as Pet & Flood.

Actichem Brownaway

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