San Strike

Foaming bathroom cleaner & sanitiser

Product Description

SKU: AP603.05

SanStrike provides you with the radical cleaning power you need to tackle tough industrial washroom and shower clean-ups. Fortunately, it doesn’t stop there. SanStrike combines this outstanding cleaning action with high performance soap scum and scale removal plus the ability to destroy odour causing bacteria while it cleans.

Colour: Light tan
pH: 1 – 2
Fragrance: None
Dilution: 1:1 to 1:10
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 5Lt

Heavy duty, foaming bathroom cleaner

Additional Information

  • Washroom Solution – Sanstrike is the ultimate solution for removing grime, scale build-ups and soap scum and for eliminating typical mal-odours in one easy cleaning operation.
  • Industry and Mining – Industry and Mining changerooms & washrooms are Sanstrike’s speciality. Sanstrike has the special chemistry required to tackle the tough soiling and conditions found in these facilities.
  • Easy-to-Use Foaming Formula – SanStrike’s high foaming formula makes it economical and easy-to apply providing massive labour savings. The foam hangs up on vertical services providing greater coverage and extended contact times for high performance cleaning.
  • Eliminates Mal-odours – SanStrike employs powerful antimicrobial technology for the eradication of odour-causing bacteria and mould. Killing the odour at it’s source means that effective and long lasting deodorization is achieved.
Application areas and surface suitability

Do not use on marble, natural stone and acid sensitive surfaces.

How to use

Read and understand the Material Safely Data Sheet (MSDS) before use
Always pretest the cleaning solution on the surface to be cleaned to check for any substrate instability.




Washrooms & Showers

  1. Apply Sanstrike through a foam gun or foam generator at a dilution of 1 part to 10 Parts water. Using a brush or scourer pad agitate areas of heavy build-up or mould. Rinse thoroughly with potable water.
  2. Sanstrike is equally effective when applied using a mop bucket for floors and scourer sponge for walls. Use hot water when diluting for even better chemical action.


  1. Apply undiluted directly onto surfaces and allow 10 minutes dwell time. Rinse thoroughly with potable water.
  2. Keep container closed to retain maximum performance.


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