Vegsan L

Fruit & vegetable sanitiser

Product Description

SKU: AP863

Veg San L is a specially prepared sanitizing liquid based on chlorine for the sanitizing of fruit and vegetables. Working within the NSW Food Authority Guidelines for the Cleaning and Sanitizing of Fresh Produce this product provides outstanding removal of microorganisms.

Colour: Clear
pH: 9
Fragrance: None
Dilution: 100ml per 25Lt water
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 5Lt

Vegsan l vegetable sanitising wash in 5lt

Additional Information

  • Precise Dosage: A precise measure of organic chlorine in liquid form, yielding 100ppm chlorine at recommended dosage levels.
  • Wetting agents: Specialty wetting agents ensure total wetting and effective sanitization.
  • Food Safety Compliance – Vegsan L complies with the NSW Guidelines for the Cleaning and Sanitizing of Fresh Produce.
  • Economical: Easy and economical to use.
  • Non-toxic: Product contains no toxic or non-food compatible ingredients.
Application areas and surface suitability

Suited for use in all domestic and industrial automatic washing machines.
Excellent for use in aged care and community facilities, clinics, hospitals, hotels, motels, clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc.

How to use

Read and understand the Material Safely Data Sheet (MSDS) before use


For a 25 litre tub of clean water, add 100ml of Veg San L and briefly stir.



  1. For a 25 litre tub of clean water, add 100ml of Veg San L and briefly stir.
  2. Check chlorine level (should be 100 to 110ppm) using a low level chlorine test strip.
  3. Wash and soak vegetables and fruit.
  4. Produce must have a minimum of 5 minutes soak time.
  5. Rinse under clean running water


  • The wash water should be 5˚C to 10˚C warmer than the produce to prevent water and bacteria from being absorbed into the tissue.
  • Make up a new solution for each wash. Check the chlorine level regularly if continuous washing being done.
  • Always remember to blot the Chlorine Test paper with a white paper cloth before reading results.
  • Always store Vegsan L in a cool location out of direct sunlight.


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