Dishwash Deluxe

Automatic dishwasher powder

Product Description

SKU: AP219

Dishwash Deluxe is dishwashing powder for automatic dishwashers.

Dishwash Deluxe breaks through food and beverage soiling without the use of harsh caustics and chlorines. Employing latest technology and smart chemistry it cleans, sanitizes, de-stains and contributes toward the non streak and no spot drying of washed items. The clever choice for café’s pubs, clubs, restaurants and homes which use under counter dishwashers.

Colour: White & Blue (powder)
pH: 13
Fragrance: Lemon
Dilution: Ready to use (use in dishwasher dosing system)
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 4.5kg & 10kg

Dishwash Deluxe

Additional Information

  • Enzyme Power: Dishwash Deluxe makes full use of a unique enzyme blend to digest food soiling and provide an effective clean.
  • Oxygenated – This formula is strongly oxygenated to provide powerful bleaching, de-staining and sanitizing action.
  • Care – Dishwash Deluxe, although exhibiting outstanding cleaning action, contains no harsh caustics or chlorine. Takes ultimate care of crockery, silverware and cutlery and will not tarnish aluminium items.
  • Safety – Dishwasher Deluxe, although alkaline, is significantly safer to use, store and transport than traditional dishwasher powders.
Application areas and surface suitability

Dishwash Deluxe is a dish washing powder for automatic dishwashers.

Approved for use in ALL major brand automatic dishwashing machines.

How to use

Read sds before use


Dishwasher: Follow the machine manufacturers guidelines.
As a guide, 35-45g of Dishwash Deluxe per load is sufficient.

  1. For best results use in conjunction with AP220 Spotless rinse aid.
  2. Regularly check that the dishwasher is functioning correctly
  3. Regularly check for obstructions in the wash and rinse nozzles.


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