Chlorinated automatic dishwasher liquid

Product Description

SKU: AP212

Chloromatic is a Chlorinated, automatic dishwasher liquid.

Chloromatic is a professionally formulated auto dishwashing detergent. It is a precise formulation which carefully balances the caustic alkalinity content with water softening agents, scale prevention chemistry and wetting agents to give an efficient and effective clean with each wash cycle. Chloromatic has the added benefit of being a chlorinated formulation. The innovative controlled release chlorine technology ensures that every load is effectively destained and sanitised all in one go.

Colour: Yellow
pH: 14
Fragrance: Mild Chlorine odour
Dilution: Use in dosing system
Safety profile: Class 8 Corrosive
Pack sizes: 5Lt


Additional Information

  • A Sparkling Wash: Chloromatic is a carefully balanced formulation which produces excellent cleaning results which is boosted by “easy-rinse” chemistry.
  • Stain remover and sanitiser – Chloromatic is a powerful destainer and will effectively sanitise every inch of every wash cycle.
  • Safe for Food Environments: Chloromatic is specifically formulated for safe use in food environments and complies with food safety requirements.
  • Outperforms: Chloromatic provides outstanding emulsification and saponification of fatty oils, grease and typical food soils.
  • The No-Scale Advantage: even in the most severe hard water areas, Chloromatic will dramatically reduce scale development, significantly reducing repairs, maintenance, and down time.
  • Versatile: Chloromatic is compatible with all automatic dishwashers and liquid dosing systems. Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect machine components and fine crockery.
Application areas and surface suitability

Chlorinated automatic dishwasher liquid

Dosing Systems – Designed for use through precision dosing systems on industrial dishwashers.
Suitability – Ideally suited for both single cycle and conveyor/tunnel type dishwashers.
Other Dispensers – Suited for venturi driven dosing systems and electronic pump type dispensers.

How to use

Chloromatic is highly alkaline, read and understand the Materials Safety Data Sheet before opening.


Automatic Dishwashers
Follow the dosing system manufacturer’s guidelines.
Pre-set the dosing system to automatically dispense 2-3ml or Chloromatic per litre of water.
Titration kits for accurate dosage are available.


Automatic Dishwashers

  1. Follow the dosing system manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. Pre-set the dosing system to automatically dispense 2-3ml or Chloromatic per litre of water.
  3. Titration kits for accurate dosage are available.


  • For best results use in conjunction with AP220 Spotless Rinse Aid.
  • Regularly check that the warewasher’s temperature settings are correct.
  • Regularly check for obstructions in the wash and rinse nozzles.


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