How to remove paint from carpet

May 3rd, 2024 | Carpet

Removing paint from carpet presents a unique challenge for professional cleaners. The approach and products needed depend on factors like the paint type and its condition—whether wet or dry. Water-based paints generally offer easier removal compared to oil-based varieties.

Spilled Paint on Carpet Insurance Claim Accident

Managing Expectations: Paint Stain Removal.

When faced with a paint stain on a carpet, it’s important to manage the client’s expectations from the outset. While professional cleaners strive for complete stain removal, it’s essential to convey that certain factors, such as the type and size of the spill, may affect the outcome. In cases where the paint spill is extensive, it’s prudent to prepare the client for the possibility that not all traces of the stain may be eradicated.

In instances where full stain removal proves challenging, exploring alternative solutions becomes necessary. Discussing options such as patching or temporarily covering the stain with an area rug provides practical alternatives. This proactive approach ensures transparency and aligns client expectations for the best possible outcome.


All the equipment needed for a stain on carpet
  • White terry towel – Minor spills can be blot treated with the aid of a terry towel, using the absorbency to transfer the stain off the carpet. By using a white towel, no other pigment will bleed onto the carpet.
  • Wet Extraction Machine – Larger spills should be treated using a wet extraction machine. This will minimise the risk of wick back and ensure an effective solution.
  • Paint Stain Removal Chemical – For removing water-based paint from carpet the unique alkaline blend and solvent in Protein Spotter makes it incredibly effective. This specialist chemistry breaks down the paint bonding component, releasing it from the fibres and enables effective removal. The high quality wetting and penetrating technology further promotes successful stain removal.
  • Spotting Brush – When agitating a carpet, don’t use the brushing motion as it will damage the carpet fibers. The best method is to tamp or firmly roll the brush over the stain as demonstrated in the video.
  • PPE – All the necessary PPE needs to be use when working with chemicals.

The Process (water-based paint)

Paint stain on carpet
Initially spray Protein Spotter onto clean cloth and dab onto stain
Agitate Protein Spotter into carpet


2. Agitate

Allow 5-10 minutes dwell time
Extract with wet extraction machine
Shadow stain of paint in carpet

3. Dwell for 10 mins

4. Extract

After - Shadow Stain

  1. Application – Start by applying the Protein Spotter to a clean cloth and blotting the excess off the carpet. Then, liberally spray the Protein Spotter onto the paint stain, making sure the fibers are completely wetted out. If the paint has penetrated deep into the carpet ensure that sufficient solution is applied to reach it.
  2. Agitation – Agitate the paint stain by tamping up and down with a spotting brush to maximize penetration.
  3. Dwell – Allow 5-10 minutes dwell time.
  4. Extraction – Rinse and extract the carpet with a wet extraction machine.
  5. Repeat – Repeat steps 1-4 to remove any residual paint if required.
  6. Shadow Removal – If there is a shadow left, apply Conquer O2 and absorb or vacuum extract excess moisture, leaving the treated area slightly damp with Conquer O2. The oxidising and encapsulating action of Conquer O2 will continue to work over the next few hours as it dries completely, removing the remaining stain.
  7. Residual Removal – The dry Conquer O2 residues will be brittle enough to be removed the next time the carpet is vacuumed.

Tips to remove paint from carpet

  1. Application to delicate fibres and fabrics
    Do not spray the spotting directly solution onto the surface, but dampen a clean white absorbent towel and blot onto the surface.
  2. Cleaning wool or natural fibre carpets
    For wool carpets and delicate fibres, rinse immediately with Rinse Pro to neutralise the alkaline Protein Spotter. Alternatively swap out Protein Spotter for Conquer or one of the solvents.
  3. Replacement for Protein Spotter
    If the Protein Spotter is unavailable or not responding then try Actichem Bust or Actichem POG or Citrus Gel. Actichem Bust is a five times concentrate of Protein Spotter. POG and Citrus Gel are solvent based spotters which are rinseable in water and ideal for water based stains.

Where To Buy

Protein Spotter is a protein and blood stain remover, for removing a wide variety of organic stains such as food, gravy, beverages and blood, from carpets. It combines powerful protein dissolving chemistry with wetting and penetrating technology for dissolving protein soils and releasing them from fibres and fabrics.

Additional Resources

Carpet Handbook

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