Choosing the Right Disaster Restoration Chemicals: A Buyers Guide

September 11th, 2023 | Disaster Restoration

Choosing the Right Disaster Restoration Chemicals: A Buyers Guide

Disaster restoration professionals are the unsung heroes who come to the rescue when disaster strikes. Whether it’s a flood, fire, mould infestation, or any other disaster, their expertise is crucial in restoring damaged properties to their former glory. One of the most critical aspects of their job is selecting the right disaster restoration chemicals. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll explore the key factors and considerations that should guide disaster restoration professionals when choosing the right chemicals for their projects. Actichem, a trusted name in the industry, offers a wide range of solutions, and we’ll delve into why they are a top choice.

Understanding the Role of Restoration Chemicals

Restoration chemicals are the lifeblood of disaster restoration professionals. They play a pivotal role in cleaning, decontaminating, and restoring properties that have been ravaged by various disasters. These chemicals are specifically formulated to address the unique challenges posed by different types of disasters. The right selection can make the difference between a successful restoration and one that falls short of expectations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Restoration Chemicals

1. Fit For Purpose

Different disasters require different chemical solutions. For example, water-based disasters like floods or burst pipes may necessitate pathogen control and mould prevention chemicals. Meanwhile, fire damage restoration may require soot and smoke odour removers. Ensure you know the detail of what you are dealing with to determine the appropriate chemicals.

2. Surface Compatibility

When using multiple chemicals on a restoration project, compatibility is crucial. Ensure that the chemicals you select work well together and won’t produce harmful reactions. Actichem offers a range of products designed to work cohesively, reducing the risk of unintended chemical reactions.

Restoration scenarios are complex, with many different processes required on a wide variety of substrates. Is the surface horizontal, vertical or above? Is the surface natural stone, masonry, plasterboard, steel etc. Is it porous or non-porous? Is it sensitive to chemicals? Ensure that you know the characteristics of each surface involved to prevent damage and maximise cleaning and disinfection efficacy.

3. Safety

Restoration professionals recognise the need for safety on every job. Three key risk categories exist, firstly the resultant residues of the disaster which could include pathogens or smoke contaminants etc. Secondly, the process used. And thirdly, the chemicals. Understanding the risk is the first step to safety. Using professional Actichem chemistry fit for purpose and with clear use guidelines is a vital component of creating a safe environment.

4. Correct Application

The correct use and application of even the basic restoration solutions is critical for desired outcomes. Actichem’s product lines come backed by clear, easy to understand labels, datasheets, charts and hand books to ensure that getting it right is not difficult.

Why Actichem is the Preferred Choice

Actichem is a trusted name in the disaster restoration industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Here are some compelling reasons why Actichem should be your go-to choice for restoration chemicals:

  • Extensive Product Range: Actichem offers a comprehensive range of restoration chemicals tailored to address the specific needs of different disaster scenarios. Whether you’re dealing with flood, fire, mould, pathogens or other challenges, Actichem has you covered.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Actichem places a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency. Their products are rigorously tested to ensure they exceed industry standards.
  • Expertise and Support: Actichem provides valuable support and expertise to restoration professionals. Their team of experts is available to assist with product selection and usage guidelines, ensuring you get the most out of their products.

To view the Actichem Range of Disaster Restoration products, click here

Actichem Products

Choosing the right disaster restoration chemicals is a critical aspect of ensuring successful restoration projects. With Actichem’s extensive product range, commitment to safety and sustainability, and dedicated support, disaster restoration professionals can have confidence in their choice of chemicals. When disaster strikes, make the smart choice and trust Actichem to help you restore properties to their former glory safely and efficiently. Your clients will thank you.

To download our Disaster Restoration Handbook and our other Catalogues, click here

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