Sealing terracotta

November 20th, 2018 | Stone & Tile

Tips for protecting Terracotta

Terracotta Sealing

Terracotta is normally sealed using a topical sealer.

The secret to sealer durability is to use a “base coat” sealer such as AP420 Instaseal before applying any acrylic floor finishes.

Also, it must be thoroughly stripped with Powerstrip, rinsed well and totally dry (including grout joints) before application of sealer.

However, on terracotta and especially if it is external the AP420 Instaseal would act as your finish coat as well. So basically 4-5 coats AP420 Instaseal is what you need.

Floor Preparation (sealer removal)

Strip the floor area thoroughly using AP404 Powerstrip to remove all existing sealer. Rinse the floor area thoroughly with clear water at least two times.

Allow the floor area to dry completely before application of sealer.

Sealing Terracotta

What we recommend for outdoor terracotta is 4-6 coats of AP420 Instaseal.

The Instaseal provides a very tough bond to the terracotta substrate and provides a good gloss level for outdoor applications. It is also important to note that the Instaseal is completely UV stable and will provide long-lasting protection. Please see the information sheets.

Instaseal Coverage

You can expect the following coverage rates from the Instaseal. Assuming a 5 coat system.

The quantities in brackets are the required amount for each coat for 100m2.

  • 1st coat Instaseal 1Lt / 20m2 (5Lt)
  • 2nd coat Instaseal 1Lt / 40m2 (2.5Lt)
  • 3rd coat Instaseal 1Lt / 50m2 (2Lt)
  • 4th coat Instaseal 1Lt / 50m2 (2Lt)
  • 5th coat Instaseal 1Lt / 50m2 (2Lt)

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