Aquatic centre tiles

October 8th, 2018 | Cleaning Tips

Aquatic centre tiles – the secret to getting them clean

The soiling at aquatic centres is quite complex. Present in the soil is a significant component of body fats which requires alkalinity to remove and the other major component is calcium, magnesium and chloride ions from the water which requires an acid solution. Generally, a combination of an alkaline clean followed by an acid clean is required for an effective deep clean. Depending on how busy the aquatic centre is, the proportion of body fats to mineral scale may be high and you will need to focus more on alkaline cleaning (eg busy aquatic centre) or the proportion of mineral scale may be much higher and a concentrated clean with an acid solution is required (eg hotel pool).

It is also important to note that using an acid detergent on a regular (daily) basis is not advised as damage to the grout lines will occur. It is better to clean daily with an alkaline cleaner and then do a periodic clean (once a month) with an acid detergent. The acid clean will then remove any mineral scale which may have built up and also any detergent residue.

Before proceeding with a major clean, it is advisable to conduct the following trials:

Trial 1
  • Chemical Solution – Tile & Grout Cleaner LF dilute 1:5
  • Dwell time – 5 minutes
  • Cleaning Pad – System 7
  • Finish – Rinse with clean water
Trial 2 – Part A
  • Chemical SolutionTile & Grout Power dilute 1:20
  • Dwell time – 5 minutes
  • Cleaning Pad – Medium stiff brush or blue pad (or similar)
  • Finish – Rinse with clean water & then continue with Tile & Grout Restore process
Trial 2 – Part B
  • Chemical SolutionTile & Grout Restore dilute 1:10
  • Dwell time – 5 minutes
  • Cleaning Pad – Medium stiff brush or blue pad (or similar)
  • Finish – Rinse with clean water
Ongoing maintenance

It is recommended to clean several times a week with an alkaline cleaner and then once a month do a “periodic clean” with Tile & Grout Restore.

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