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    System 7 Combination Pads

    System 7 Combination Pads

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    System 7

    For innovative and effective hard floor cleaning with dirt pulling impact and huge capacity. The System 7 floor pad and chemical solutions effectuate optimal and economical cleaning success in retail centres, industry workshops, banks, offices, hospitals, airports and indeed wherever there is people and foot traffic.

    System 7’s deep-pore cleaning action resolves tough cleaning challenges and provides an efficient long term solution to tile and floor maintenance.

    The Application

    Mineral hard floors become greyish and unsightly over time, often stained with years of soil/ detergent build-up which cannot be removed even by strong chemistry and abrasive floor scrubbing pads. The dirt appears especially bothersome in places that count on freshness, cleanliness and hygiene. The larger the area is, the more worthwhile the application for the System 7 pad will be. The innovative combination of materials with profiled structure in the System 7 pad are crucial for deep cleaning and an incorporated dirt pulling effect.

    The Benefits

    Exploiting the pore deep cleaning of mineral hard floors with the System 7 Tile Pro in combination with the System 7 pads allows a massive reduction of expensive cleaning time. The cleaned floor areas are immediately usable thanks to reduced drying time and extended cleaning intervals. Advantages, hard to measure, are the increased value of the floor and the environment. With each set of pads, up to 10,000m2 can be cleaned. The System 7 pad material remains tear resistant even when used with structured tiles.