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    AP105 Tile Pro

    AP105 Tile Pro

     Actichem’s AP105 Tile Pro is a high performance, environmentally responsible cleaner which is used in conjunction with the System 7 foam pads. Tile Pro is a detergent free blend for achieving outstanding cleaning results on hard floors. When used in conjunction with the System 7 pads, Tile Pro is an integral partner in the most advanced and successful hard surface cleaning system on the market.


    Tile Pro is an advanced technology hard floor cleaning compound which gives outstanding results while still being low in toxicity and OHS ratings.

    Recommended applications

    Tile Pro is safe to use on all smooth surfaces and all substrates. Exceptionally effective when used on painted walls and floors, ceramic tiles, porcelain, polished concrete, terrazzo and natural stone. Tile Pro is not effective when used on vinyl or linoleum.