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    AP402 Safe Strip

    AP402 Safe Strip

    402-safe-strip_1Actichem’s AP402 Safe Strip is a highly effective solution for removing polish build-up and sealers including UHS burnished finishes. Safe Strip is even highly effective on semi-permanent sealers. Low VOC, Non-butyl, non-DG formulation makes this product safer to use than most conventional strippers as well as being safer for the environment. This high activity stripper quickly cuts down coatings and polishes leaving the floor clean and prepared for re-application of new coating.

    Safe Strip is a liquid floor stripper for removal of coatings and polish build-up.

    Recommended applications:

    Safe Strip is safe for use on most resilient floors and quickly softens and emulsifies old worn and discoloured finishes for easy removal. Use with caution on vinyl flooring (ensure that correct dilution rates are followed). Safe Strip must not be used to remove sealer and polish finishes from sealed timber floors as it may affect the timber seal, requiring sanding to rectify the floor.