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    Instastrip AP400

    Instastrip AP400

    Actichem’s Instastrip (AP400) is a heavy duty floor stripper designed to remove polish build-up, wax, sealers and UHS burnished finishes. Instastrip has been designed to be used in conjunction with powered scrubbing machinery to quickly and effectively remove coatings and finishes from a wide variety of floor surfaces. Instastrip is even exceptionally effective at high dilution, making it the economical choice for routine coatings removal.

    Instastrip is a yellow liquid floor stripper for removal of coatings and polish build-up.

    Recommended applications:

    Instastrip is safe for use on vinyl and most resilient floors and quickly softens and emulsifies old worn and discoloured finishes for easy removal. Instastrip must not be used to remove sealer and polish finishes from sealed timber floors as it may affect the timber seal, requiring sanding to rectify the floor.

    pH12.8 – 13.2
    Packaging5lt & 15lt