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    Instaglaze AP425

    Instaglaze AP425

    Actichem’s Instaglaze (AP425) is a floor polish designed to be used in conjunction with ultra-high speed burnishing equipment. Instaglaze is easy to apply and is very quickly restored to a brilliant shine without any need for a spray buff. Instaglaze will provide an outstanding finish using propane, battery, petrol or electric burnishing machinery.

    Instaglaze is a unique advancement in floor polish technology that is designed for use in high traffic areas that require consistent high gloss and safety underfoot.

    Instaglaze is white liquid acrylic polymer polish which when applied dries to a clear, high-gloss film.

    Recommended applications:

    Ideal for use on vinyl, slate, terrazzo, terracotta marble and granite. On stone surfaces and on polished concrete it is recommended that a base coat of Instaseal be applied first. Instaglaze is ideally suited to floors in commercial and retail environments.

    ColourWhite – Dries clear
    SafetyNon Hazardous
    Packaging5lt, 15lt & 200lt