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    Instagloss AP422

    Instagloss AP422

    Actichem’s Instagloss (AP422) is a new generation floor finish with the perfect blend of durability and hardness for traffic, black heel mark resistance and wet look reparability. Being easy to apply and drying to an instant brilliant gloss, makes it ideal for use in institutions, medical facilities, offices, homes, retail outlets and similar facilities. Instagloss has outstanding levelling properties and can be used as a single step finish thus eliminating the need for a base sealer. Instagloss contains a high solids content which builds quickly allowing the applicator to apply fewer coats to achieve the required gloss and protection.

    Instagloss is white liquid acrylic polymer polish which when applied dries to a clear, high-gloss film.

    Recommended applications:

    Ideal for use on vinyl, slate, terrazzo, terracotta marble and granite. On these stone surfaces and on polished concrete it is recommended that a base coat of Instaseal be applied first.

    ColourWhite – Dries clear
    SafetyNon Hazardous
    Packaging5lt, 15lt & 200lt