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    AP416 Protector 4198

    AP416 Protector 4198

    416-protector-4198_1Actichem’s AP416 Protector 4198 is a tough solvent borne sealer based on modern, fast drying thermoplastic technology which provides a durable surface for interior or exterior applications. Formulated to protect fine stone flooring, terrazzo, terracotta and concrete from the detrimental effects of foot and vehicular traffic. Displays the perfect balance between flexibility and hardness resulting in excellent durability.

    Protector 4198 is a clear solvent based coating used to protect stone surfaces.

    • Provides premium protection for up to 10 years

    Expected Wear – Protector 4198 will provide premium protection for up to 10 years.

    The protective treatment applied is extremely durable and will survive high pressure washing, commercial cleaning practices and the elements. However application methods, weather conditions, traffic and harsh cleaning methods will ultimately affect the sealer longevity. For extended sealer life avoid use of solvents, strong acids and strong alkalis.

    Substrates – most ideal for use on concrete, terrazzo, slate and quarry tiles


    • Do not use in areas permanently submerged in water or below the water line in water vessels, ponds and pools.
    • Resistant to dry heat up to 120°C. However do not place hot pots or hot cooking vessels directly onto the treated surface.