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    AP169 Solv Sealer pro

    AP169 Solv Sealer pro

    169-solv-sealer-proActichem’s AP169 Solv Sealer Pro is a professionally formulated solvent based penetrating sealer providing exceptional protection for porcelain, low porosity tiles and fine stone. It is based on “ultra-small molecule structure” technology which enables it to penetrate into the fine pores of polished porcelain, dense granite and fine stone to create a high performance sub-surface barrier against water and oil borne contaminants.

     Solv Sealer Pro is a solvent-based penetrating sealer.

    • Provides premium protection for up to 5 years
    • Independently performance tested by NATA approved stone laboratory.

    Expected Wear – Solv Sealer Pro will provide excellent protection for up to 5 years. However application methods, weather conditions, traffic and harsh cleaning methods will affect wear. Avoid use of solvents, strong acids and strong alkalis for extended sealer life.

    Cleaning with Actichem Proneutro is recommended.

    It is recommended that the sealer should be re-applied every 2 – 3 years where harsh conditions exist.