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    Penetrating Sealers

    Penetrating Sealers


    Sealing and protecting natural stone, concrete and masonry surfaces requires precise chemistry to ensure long lasting, effective protection from water and oil based contaminants, weathering and foot traffic. The Actichem Range of penetrating sealers provides premium protection, outstanding value and a solution for every application.

    In this range:

    • Solv Sealer Pro – Solvent based penetrating sealer for dense stone and porcelain.
    • Grout Sealer Pro – Penetrating grout sealer.
    • Pre Seal – Premium preseal.
    • T&G Sealer Pro – Water based penetrating sealer.
    • Graffiti Seal – Semi permanent anti-graffiti sealer.
    • Solv Sealer Gold – Premium solvent based penetrating sealer.
    • Stone Sealer Gold – Premium water based penetrating sealer.
    • Intense – Colour enhancing penetrating sealer.
    • Defender WB –¬†Water based, penetrating water repellent.
    • Defender Gold WB – Premium, water based, concrete and construction stone penetrating sealer.
    • Defender SV – Premium solvent based, penetrating water repellent.
    • Defender Gold – Reinforced, marine grade, concrete and stone sealer.
    • Defender CSD Pure – 100% purity stone consolidator and strengthener.
    • Defender CSD – Stone consolidator, strengthener and water repellent.
    • Conseal 50 – 50% active Silane solution.
    • Conseal Pure – 100% purity Alkoxysilane for new concrete sealing.
    • Intense Pro – Colour enhancing, penetrating sealer and water repellent.