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    Conseal Pure AP679

    Conseal Pure AP679

    Actichem’s Conseal Pure (AP679)is a 100% active silane sealer formulated to provide premium protection to cementicous construction materials, engineering concrete, masonry surfaces, and cement pavers. It employs high performance impregnators which chemically react with the cementicous material to create a powerfully repellent substrate, protecting against water-borne contaminants, acid rain, organic staining and salt attack.

    Conseal Pure is a clear, penetrating, breathable, VOC compliant surface treatment for use on concrete. The unique 100% silane is formulated to provide ultimate protection to vertical surfaces. The high performance carrier and wetting agents quickly carry the silane deep into the substrate where the silane chemically bonds with minerals to form a permanent attachment of the water repellent molecule. This deep hydrophobic layer prevents water and water borne contaminants from entering the substrate and causing premature deterioration

    By combining low surface tension with a tailored rate of reaction, Conseal Pure is able to spread through the moisture boundary layer that lines the pore structure of the substrate. This allows for perfectly uniform protection throughout the hydrophobic layer giving the benefit of longer treatment life especially on wearing surfaces.

    Recommended applications

    Conseal Pure is ideally suited to both vertical and horizontal applications. Where there are vertical surfaces involved it is recommended that Conseal Pure is used.

    Conseal Pure can be used to protect cast-in-place, precast, GFRC and high-strength concrete, to protect the reinforcing steel from corrosion due to the effects of water, salts and water borne contaminants.

    For use on bridge and road decks where fast drying is required to minimize disruption to traffic.

    For treating heavy traffic wearing surfaces, runways or areas that receive high salt attack (piers, wharves, coastal buildings)


    Not to be used as a sub-terrain waterproofing. Should not be applied if temperature is above 40 degrees or if rain is expected within 2 hours of application. If rain has preceded the application, the surface should be allowed 24 hours to dry completely.

    Expected Wear

    Conseal Pure will provide premium protection for up to 15 years and in many applications, several years longer. However application methods, weather conditions, traffic, harsh cleaning methods and substrate type will affect wear. Avoid use of solvents, strong acids and strong alkalis for extended sealer life.

    It is recommended that the sealer be re-applied every 8 – 12 years where harsh conditions exist.