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    Defender CSD Pure AP675

    Defender CSD Pure AP675

    Actichem’s Defender CSD Pure (AP675) is a proprietary impregnating sealer which consolidates friable material and strengthens the substrate. Although suited to a wide range of materials it is most popular with construction materials such as sandstone, limestone, clay and concrete. It reacts with the substrate material creating an extremely strong and durable bond which protects the substrate from structural weakening and erosion for many, many years.

    Defender CSD Pure is clear solvent based consolidator ideally suited to heritage stone applications and stone in marine or high wind environments.


    Test report: Resistance to salt attack AS/NZS 4456.10-2003

    Recommended applications:

    Formulated to provide premium protection to porous construction materials and is ideally suited to the protection of heritage and delicate/friable/crumbling stone. Defender CSD Pure is ideal for limestone, sandstone and concrete structures.

    Expected Wear – Defender CSD Pure will provide premium protection for up to 15 years and in many applications, several years longer. However, application methods, weather conditions, traffic, harsh cleaning methods and substrate type will affect wear. Avoid use of solvents, strong acids and strong alkalis for extended sealer life.