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    Defender Gold WB AP670

    Defender Gold WB AP670

    Actichem’s Defender Gold WB (AP670)provides premium “nano-molecule” protection to, concrete, brick masonry, concrete masonry and natural stone. It’s extremely small molecular structure enables it to rapidly penetrate into the fine pores of engineered concrete, natural stone, masonry and cementicous materials. It provides long lasting, high performance protection against water and oil based contaminants, efflorescence and spalling.

    • Provides premium protection for up to 15 years

    Defender Gold WB is a water based, clear penetrating, breathable, surface treatment for use on concrete, brick masonry, concrete masonry and natural stone. The unique silane treatment penetrates deep into the substrate and chemically bonds with minerals to form a permanently fixed, water repellent molecule.

    In addition, high performance flouropolymers, oil repellent additives and super wetting agents resist the ingress of motor oil, transmission fluid, diesel and other automotive fluids. These additives also provide unparalleled protection against food and beverage spills such as wine, beer, soft drinks, food grease and ketchup.

    Appropriate Applications

    Defender Gold WB is suited for use on both vertical and horizontal concrete, masonry and stone surfaces to repel water and oil based contaminants from penetrating into the substrate. For use on engineered, reinforced concrete to protect against corrosion due to water, de-icing salts and salt water. Highly resistant to acid rain.  

    Expected Wear – Defender Gold WB will provide premium protection for up to 15 years.

    The protective treatment applied is extremely durable and will survive high pressure washing, commercial cleaning practices and the elements. However application methods, weather conditions, traffic and harsh cleaning methods will ultimately affect the sealer longevity. For extended sealer life avoid use of solvents, strong acids and strong alkalis. Cleaning with Actichem Proneutro is advised.

    Contact an Actichem Technical Advisor with any questions regarding re-application.