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    Construction Stone & Concrete Solutions

    Construction Stone & Concrete Solutions


    The Actichem products for concrete and construction stone were developed to meet the demands of every circumstance and every application. Applied Products has worked closely with companies in Germany; Sweden; USA; United Kingdom and Australia to develop products that will meet the de­mands of marine environments; clinker masonry and high strength concrete applications.


    Our water repellents; water and oil repellents; stain resistant coatings; corrosion inhibitors, Silane treatments and indeed all our protective solutions whether they are impregnating or topical, stand for long lasting performance, effectiveness and durable protection against chloride ion ingress, salt attack, water ingress, premature deterioration.


    The Actichem range of concrete and construction stone cleaning and maintenance chemicals has been designed to provide exceptional results in the most efficient manner possible. Whether on-site or in the yard, Actichem will work best for every time.


    Our water repellents, Silane treatments; stain re­sistance sealers and efflorescence control prod­ucts prevent damage to stone surfaces caused by staining, spalling, efflorescence and concrete cancer to name a few of the unsightly problems associated with concrete and construction stone.


    Applied Products carries a strong focus on safe­ty. Safety data sheets are all readily available and kept up-to-date by a specialist in safety docu­mentation. Safe

    chemicals are a major focus in our range, we have developed unique solutions like T&G Restore which gives the same cleaning power as a strong acid, and yet it is

    totally safe to use and transport.

    In this range:

    • Crete Clean – Low pH, acid replacement masonry cleaner.
    • Pre Seal – Premium preseal.
    • Graffiti Seal – Semi permanent anti-graffiti sealer.
    • Defender WB – Water based, penetrating water repellent.
    • Defender Gold WB – Premium, water based, concrete and construction stone penetrating sealer.
    • Defender SV – Premium solvent based, penetrating water repellent.
    • Defender Gold – Reinforced, marine grade, concrete and stone sealer.
    • Defender CSD Pure – 100% purity stone consolidator and strengthener.
    • Defender CSD 50 – Stone consolidator, strengthener and water repellent.
    • Conseal 50 – 50% active Silane solution.
    • Conseal Pure – 100% purity Alkoxysilane for new concrete sealing.
    • Intense Pro – Colour enhancing, penetrating sealer and water repellent.