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    Tile & Grout Cleaner LF AP167

    Tile & Grout Cleaner LF AP167

    Use Actichem Tile & Grout Cleaner LF’s (AP167) cutting edge technology to simplify and boost the effectiveness of your tile and hard surface cleaning operation. Formulated with new nano surfactant chemistry for ultimate penetration and soil release, it provides the professional cleaner with a mildly alkaline cleaning solution which gives dependable results every time.

    Tile & Grout Cleaner LF is an alkaline cleaner for tiles and hard surfaces. It is Mauve in colour and has a ready-to-use pH of 12.1 to 12.5.

    Recommended Applications

    Safe and ideal for use on all man-made tiles, natural stone products, clay products, concrete and grout. Avoid contact with non-ferrous metals, plated metals, painted surfaces and flooring which is coated with an acrylic polymer or wax.

    Ideal for use anywhere there are dirty tiles, concrete, stone or resilient flooring. Especially good in kitchens, dining areas, malls and large commercial areas. Excellent for the maintenance cleaning of commercial and public areas.