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    Grout Restore 60 AP159

    Grout Restore 60 AP159

    Actichem’s Grout Restore 60 (AP159) is a detergent boosted solution containing 60% active phosphoric acid for the effective and economical removal of cement and grout residues, mineral scale build-ups and efflorescence. Its powerful blend of acids and penetrating agents provide tough action on general grime and is excellent for grout restoration.

    Grout Restore 60 is an advanced low pH phosphoric acid based cleaner with a ready-to-use pH of <1.

    Ideal Applications

    Grout Restore 60 is ideally suited for use on masonry surfaces, flooring and walls. Safe for use on all man-made tiles. Use with care on sandstone, quarry tiles, terracotta, grout and slate. Not recommended for use on acid sensitive surfaces including engineered stone, terrazzo, marble, limestone, granite and other natural stone. Avoid contact with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    Grout Restore 60 can be used almost anywhere that there are dirty tiles or concrete. Especially suited to builders cleans, restoration applications, washrooms, showers and pools