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    AP150 T&G Spot Remover

    AP150 T&G Spot Remover

    150-t&g-spot-remover150-t&g-spot-remover-500Actichem’s AP150 T&G Spot Remover is a specialty penetrating solvent system for lifting deeply embedded oils and grime from porous concrete, tiles, grout and fine stone. T&G Spot Remover is formulated to also function as a powerful boosting additive when cleaning heavy soil build-ups.

    T&G Spot Remover is a clear solvent formulation which has extremely low VOC content. T&G Spot Remover is used for removing paint, oil and grease spots from construction masonry, concrete and fine stone.

    Recommended Applications

    T&G Spot Remover is safe for use on all man-made and natural stone, tiles and grout. Do not allow T&G Spot Remover to contact painted surfaces and polymer or wax coated flooring.