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    Cleaning, Degreasing & Restoration

    Cleaning, Degreasing & Restoration


    Applied Products has invested extensive amounts of time and money in the development of high performance solutions for cleaning, degreasing and restoring hard surfaces. In this section you will find solutions for every hard floor and wall type with a special focus on natural stone care, masonry cleaning, concrete and high performance restoration products. When you require a specialist solution to remove carbon, grease, grime, oils and other soiling from a hard surface…depend on this range.

    In this range:

    • Crete Clean – Low pH, acid replacement masonry cleaner.
    • T&G Spot Remover – Solvent based oil & grease spot remover.
    • Actisorb – Poultice powder.
    • T&G Cream – Micro-abrasive stone cleaning cream.
    • Grout Restore 60 – 60% Phosphoric acid based cleaner.
    • T&G Restore – Advanced tile & grout restoration solution.
    • Grout Restore 20 – 20% Phosphoric acid based cleaner.
    • T&G Power – High performance alkaline hard surface cleaner.
    • T&G Cleaner Pro – Multi-task alkaline tile and grout cleaner.
    • T&G Degreaser – Heavy duty degreaser.
    • T&G Cleaner LF – Low foam, multi-task alkaline tile and grout cleaner.
    • Stone Gel Pro – Multi-purpose, stone cleaning gel.
    • Instabuff Super – Spray buff solution.