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    Kwiksan AP689

    Kwiksan AP689

    Actichem’s Kwiksan (AP689) is a 70% Ethanol disinfectant. It is designed to be used undiluted. Kwiksan is specifically suited to use in hospitals, dental surgeries and other environments where efficient rapid killing of pathogenic micro-organisms is essential to infection control. Kwiksan is ideal for use as a mattress sanitiser and is popularly used in podiatry areas. Kwiksan contains 70% Ethanol and also contains Quaternary Ammonium compounds which enable it to remain active even where blood, faeces, serum and urine are present.

    Kwiksan is not a stock item and is made is to order. Please allow 5 days for despatch when ordering this product.

    pH7.5 to 8.0 RTU
    Pack Size5Lt