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    Deosan AP433

    How to Use

    • Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.
    • Note comments above regarding stain resistant carpets.


    1. Mix 50 to 100ml Deosan per litre of water.
    2. Apply directly onto the odour source.
    3. Allow 10 minutes reaction time before further cleaning or rinsing.

    Application Notes:

    • Deosan can be applied before cleaning or/and after cleaning has removed the bulk of the odour source.
    • If large amounts of organic matter is present always treat the affected area after cleaning has removed the soiling even if the area has already been treated before cleaning.
    • When used after cleaning a light rinse is sufficient to remove excess Deosan solution.
    • For large areas a 1:100 solution can be made and used as a light post spray and raked into the carpet.
    • Always ensure that the Deosan makes physical contact with the odour source.

    NOTE: Do not mix Deosan with any other cleaning solution.