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    Deosan AP433


    • Professional Odour Neutralizing Technology – Deosan employs a professional mal-odour absorber which encapsulates and neutralizes air-borne mal-odours.
    • Sophisticated Anti-microbial Chemistry – To provide a total solution to odour elimination, Deosan destroys odour causing bacteria and spores with a powerful blend of biocides and potentiators.
    • Fresh Residual Scent – Deosan not only eliminate the mal-odours but deodorizes the area with a fresh floral scent.
    • Fire Damage Odours – Deosan effectively combats tough fire odours.
    • Mould & Mildew – Deosan’s powerful biocidal activity is also ideal for destroying mould and mildew spores.
    • Hard surfaces – also ideal for use on hard surfaces.


    Deosan is ideal for use on all wool and synthetic fabrics and carpeting except for stain resistant nylon. Deosan will possibly remove some or all of the stain resistant treatment. However stain resistant carpets severely soiled by organic contaminants will already have a high proportion of the stain resistant treatment removed.

    Deosan is highly effective on hard surfaces including concrete, plasterboard, wood, tiles and grout.